Saturday, May 12, 2007

You're lifting me high, then you're taking me low

Frivolous Eurovision thoughts (real ones tomorrow):
  • My Internet connection was pretty messed up near the beginning/middle.
  • Why on Earth would anyone vote for Armenia? It was so dull!
  • I was very worried for a while about the UK getting nul points; Ireland prevented that, but then Malta took that up another level by giving Scooch 12 points. I completely attribute that to all the love the Schlagerboys showed Malta.
  • Spain were great--much improved from the national final.
  • I was surprised at how much I liked Germany's entry--more on that tomorrow.
  • I've never really found Zac Efron attractive--blame seeing reruns of Summerland, in which he's really young, if you will. However, if he was good-looking (not that Zac is bad) and if he was older, I think he wouldn't look that different than the male Finnish host. Cute.
  • ...however, even he and his female co-host were hard-pressed to make up for the annoyance that was the green room interviewer, that woman in the pink dress.


HotstuffFiles said...

I have to say, that even though they were quite shit - I still think Ireland deserved a bit more than 5 bloody points! Oh well!

Kevin said...

PG, are you aware that NASH have changed their name to D'NASH? Worse, they have re-released their debut album... again! (This is the third time). I think it was released right after you got your copy.

Poster Girl said...

Poor Ireland--that moment when they voted themselves into last place by giving points to the two countries below them was pretty funny, though, even if in a sad way.

I know! What kind of name is that? I understand them having to change it, but couldn't they come up with something better? Oh well. You should be glad I managed to stick to my promise of no more NASH/D'NASH talk until Eurovision, though--I nearly broke that vow for that news, and again when I found out that their second single was actually a cover of a Swedish singer's song, and then again to talk about how much I was enjoying their studio version of "Una lagrima." I think I did know about the three editions thing--made some reference about them going all Gregory Lemarchal at the time. I do have the new version now, though, so I can't be too upset :)