Saturday, May 12, 2007

Makin' faces in the station

American singer Susan Cagle is uber-cute. She also probably has a very good publicist and manager, as she's got the perfect backstory written up, just appeared on Oprah, and has a song advertised at the top of the iTunes store this week. Absolutely none of that is criticism though--I think I may love her, or at least the three songs I've bought so far (I'm in the "buy the whole album from iTunes or get a real copy from Amazon?" stage, as well as having another factor on my mind--more in a moment). They are so girl pop but they are so sweet and so catchy and so pop! She's released one album so far, The Subway Recordings, and it is, as you might guess, recordings of her singing in subway stations. I'm very interested to hear her studio album when it comes out this August and I can't wait for a studio version of the following song (hopefully we get it; I don't see how it couldn't be the first single). Anyhow, I'm in the "loooove" stage at the moment with her music, so I had to share.

Shakespeare--this song is practically a cuteness overload (though not on the twee side of things). It's so catchy and so girl-pop (though you don't have to be a girl to like it) and I adore it! The lyrics flow perfectly and I love the melody, especially in the chorus. In my dream world, amidst the McFlys and Martin Stenmarcks all over the radio, we'd also get songs like this. "Shakespeare" is perfectly crafted but manages to also perfectly capture that rushing feeling of confession, of meeting someone and just blurting out whatever pops into your head (even if the song is ostensibly basically a checklist of what Susan wants to make sure this person is like before moving forward, it feels very spontaneous). Sure, be cynical and brush that off as something that only exists for meet-cutes in movies, but it's so sweet and so adorable and so catchy that I hope everyone gets to feel like this at least once in their life.

To buy Susan Cagle's debut album, The Subway Recordings, go here (physical) or, if you live in the U.S., visit iTunes. iTunes also has a studio version of the also utterly adorable "Manhattan Cowboy" and the song "Dear Oprah."

Next up: a post where I'll try to use the words "cute" and "adorable" less frequently. Probably about the Eurovision final.


PinkieDust said...

Bad eurovision. I didnt watch all of it.

I was busy.

But just awful.

Paul said...

what a cute and adorable post :) No really. now i must go back to my argument with Matt Lost In Limbo about how i just don't get Stephanie McIntosh and how Scooch in general are quite awful

Poster Girl said...

That's what I got the impression people were feeling; it's my first, though, so I don't really have any basis for comparison.

Paul, you must not be very happy about the charts today then ;) I confess that I don't really get most of Stephanie's work, but the Jewels & Stone remix of her first single "Mistake" is very good!