Sunday, May 13, 2007

γυρνάω τις νύχτες πια μονάχος κι όλα μοιάζουν σα ψέμα

I realized that I don't really have that much to say about Eurovision. Maybe just because it's my first one and I'm easily excited about the whole thing, but I'm still in a very good mood about it. I really enjoyed it and the whole lead-up...and really, I can't wait for the cycle to start all over again. When do we get more Melodifestivalen news? Is it fall--November or so?--that the songwriters are announced?

At any rate, one of my favorite songs in the contest was Cyprus's, sung by Evridiki. It was good enough that I went out and found her most recent album; however, I was also interested to hear more from the song's composer and Evridiki's fiancé, Dimitris Korgialis--he was the one playing the guitar next to her during the performance, with his hair horribly restyled. He's released several albums over the years, enough to already have a greatest hits out. So far, this is my favorite song from it.

Mia Fora--Normally, I'd be pretty content to stick to the material Dimitris has handed off to other singers. Here, though, he's brough in Katerina Moutsatsou to sing the chorus, leaving the verses to himself, which is a balance I like. The song is dance, though not as aggressive or strong-sounding as "Comme Ci Comme Ca." At first, I thought that might be to its disadvantage, but it actually works; the song feels unsettling but still catchy this way.

To buy Dimitris Korgialis's album Greatest Hits + 4 Nea, go here (physical).

Next up: a Mexican duo.


Paul said...

i think you know my thoughts on eurovision. I think other countries do it so much better than England. I kinda wish i could get excited about it again - but it's nice to read things from someone who still is :)

Poster Girl said...

Everyone has their different tastes :) If I'd grown up with it around me, maybe I'd be more jaded about the whole thing.