Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It was just a kiss, but I could see you meant it

Talk about random--does anyone else remember Go:Audio (formerly the Vacancy, who I loved) and "Made Up Stories"? I was blown away by the song when I heard it at the end of 2006, but had kind of given up on it ever getting released and stopped paying attention to the group (it didn't help that though "Made Up Stories" was the best song the group had ever done I generally preferred their Vacancy songs to their Go:Audio songs).

Apparently, though, it's coming out as a single on May 26! That's fantastic--I never thought I'd have a good quality version of this song, which is complete top-class pop-rock. Well, "pop-rock"'s a bit of a deceptive term here--the group's got more of a fondness for synths than that would imply. "Made Up Stories" is what you'd get if you took the best of McFly, Busted, the Click Five, and Veto Silver and tossed it all into a blender to get one energy-packed pop song about realizing you're being cheated on. The synth-siren noises, the "ahh-ahh" backing vocals, the crunchy guitars, hooks everywhere--it's been FAR too long since I've had a brilliant bouncy pop-rock song that makes me want to jump up and down singing along to obsess over, and my revived love of "Made Up Stories" may be just the ticket.

I fear for what they may be styling themselves to look like now, though. And I imagine 95% of people online are going to hate them for seeming too pop-punk or too emo or something. In my eyes, though, "Made Up Stories" is an incredibly exciting pop song that I've been waiting for ages to have a copy of; suffice to say, I'm thrilled by this news.

Edit: oh wait, I guess I could always go look at their official website to see what they look like now. Wait--no way--can this really be the same group? This is what they look like now:

This is what they used to look like:

I have to say, I'd go with quirky and semi-preppy over moody and "we really want to be in Angels & Airwaves" any day (NOTE: this is not me necessary criticizing Angels & Airwaves, but now is not the time for any discussion about them), but if the music's good enough, I'm on board.

On the plus side, their site is actually playing a good audio quality version of "Made Up Stories."


Paul said...

how exciting! Ah the vacancy. I do much prefer the look when they were that group as opposed to now which is just generic and dreadful. Still - aces song. PLUS! It's always a good time to rag on angels and airwaves :P

Adem With An E said...


Maybe now I can actually play the bloody song on my show. Still hasn't lost any of its charms either!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha--Paul, I wouldn't have guessed we'd get strong feelings from you on that! Plus, I'm glad you agree about the Go:Audio/Vacancy clothes. They should hire you.

I KNOW! Could this have taken any longer? I was hoping you'd be pleased, Adem :D