Thursday, April 10, 2008


Super-quick post--more thoughts later, maybe, but for now, the (apparent) tracklisting for Charlotte Perrelli's upcoming album Hero, due out April 23.

1.) Bullet
2.) Hero
3.) Addicted
4.) Remedy
5.) Show Me A Mountain
6.) Appreciate
7.) Holy Man
8.) A Lot Like Love
9.) Not Alone
10.) Slowly
11.) Black And Blue


Alexander said...

I could have told you this weeks ago, but you don't have MSN.. :-) :P

Rick said...

I wonder what they will sound like... let me think... ermm... schlager?

Troy said...

Hmm I was hoping the track listing would look more like this:

1. Hero
2. I Need a Hero
3. We're All Heros
4. Hero (Reprise)
5. Hero (Ballad Version)
6. Heros In The Night
7. We Could Be Heros
8. Heros Never Die Alone

Well you get the point. This album better be full of songs just like Hero!


Paul said...

I am very excited by the potential of a song called Holy Man. Please please let it be better than the dreadful Eddie Murphy film of the same name. Actually with her tranny-esque looks Charlotte and Eds could like totally hook up ya know!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, Alex--well, if anything should be able to motivate me, it's the need to stay up to date with Charlotte news! ;)

Do you know, Rick and Troy (love that tracklisting!), I don't think we should be expecting wall-to-wall schlager stompers--I mean, yes, definitely some, but we've heard a lot of things that don't sound like/aren't schlager or aren't full-bore uptempo strut-across-the-stage sort of stuff (though some are sounding really good--that bit we heard of what I'm presuming is "Slowly" has me really looking forward to that song...which to be fair sounds like it's got an uptempo/midtempo beat beneath it, but it's not a "Hero" redux).

Paul, my movie knowledge is lacking--I don't think I've ever heard of that film :-/ though it sounds like I'm not missing out on much!

Baszjuh said...

11 tracks is not really a lot of songs... If it there will be only Hero's on it the album will only last for 33 minutes... I'm hoping they will include a hidden track too

D'luv said...

Hmmm...weren't "Hero" and "Addicted" also the names of Enrique Iglesias songs? Maybe he stuffed his burrito in her calzone at some point, and she's never gotten over the heartburn.... could be, could be.

Poster Girl said...

I'd love a hidden track! Not counting on one, but that'd be a fantastic surprise.

D'luv, your seemingly endless parade of metaphors is making me flash back to junior high, when you had that group of kids who'd take any two words you used close together and turn them dirty (based on what they emphasized) with "I'll [x] your [y]"--like "I'll capture your Pikachu" or "I'll Apple your computer." The old days...

Rick said...

I hope that Charlotte sticks with the same 'magnetic poetry' format of lyric writing like was used in HERO.

This is when the lyricist throws tons of those magnetic poetry pieces you put on your fridge up in the air and whatever lands become the lyrics to a new song.

out - on - the - line - like - a - star - like - a - pony... no that doesn't work... **tossing magnets again**

Poster Girl said...

Did you know it's "Out of the light, like a star, like a hero"? Well, supposed to be--I think half of everyone who sings along sings "out on the line" and who knows what's actually said.

I love Swedish magnetic poetry writing (I'm now going to have this mental image of Fredrik Kempe sitting on the floor tossing magnets emblazoned in my mind--I hope you're happy)! The songs are always sung as if their message is a life-and-death matter, which makes it even better.

Adrian said...

Holy Man sounds like sacriligeous-schlager! Carola will not be impressed.

Can't wait for this. Ye Gods of Schlager giveth with Charlotte and taketh away with Sanna.

Poster Girl said...

That's one of the titles that has me really wondering! I cannot WAIT for this album--we may know the sound of several of the songs, but I've got a feeling (/hope) most of the best we've heard nothing of yet...