Wednesday, April 09, 2008

See you in a crowd a million people loud

I think the last time I wrote about the confluence of pop music and my hometown was the time when protests started after Ashlee Simpson canceled a concert there.

In slightly less dramatic news, do you know who was in Toledo yesterday?

Why does no one ever tell me these things until after they happen?

(Not that I'd have gone anyways, since 1.) meeting singers is almost always awkward, and 2.) I'm not there. But still!)

Anyway, he was here for a radio interview (he's on a radio tour promoting "How Many Words") and there was even a little bit on the local news about him, kindly uploaded onto YouTube by someone.

"Thought he'd be a little friendlier--it may have been the fact that I told him that I didn't like his new song"--sigh. Yes, people, nothing but the best radio DJs for Toledo. I give up, I really do.


Yuяi said...

Funny you mention that today...! Blake was in Jacksonville not long ago, also promoting "HMW" and I found out days and days afterward. I probably would not have done anything about it, but hell, it would have been nice to know!

And you'd think with that comment about not liking "HMW", I'd have gone total rockstar and left!! Blake showed much restraint, I'm sure.

Paul said...

Oh come on! If (i mean when, WHEN) I am promoting my fabulous book about a boyband and i go on a radio show and someone says "oh thanks for coming on the show but i don't like your book" I will not only fire my publicist, but i will ram a copy of the book up the mans arse. Not a first edition copy though - that might be worth something.

And i am totally with you - meeting popstars is awkward and horrible. I am always a sweating wreck every time it has happened. In fact i think a bit of my sweat once dripped on Deborah Gibson's bra strap...

Rick said...

How many publicists
Does it take
To pro-mote you

(lyrics were never my specialty but you should hear my Cher impersonation. Now that's hot)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, how random, Yuri! Or maybe may be that there's a conspiracy going on here...

Paul, I don't doubt you would! I'm sure Deborah treasures that bra now too.

Rick, hot or a hot tranny mess?

Rick said...

Hot tranny Brenda Dickson fierceness.

Adem With An E said...

I love that, in the last four weeks, that Brenda Dickson video (there's a part 2 as well folks which is JUST as brilliant) seems to have spread across the Internets like wildfire.

Comedy gold it is.

I've forgotten what I was going to say about Blake now. :(

Poster Girl said...

Oh my gosh...I just watched both parts of that video--how had I not seen that before?

That's OK, Adem--I think there is lots of not saying things about Blake going on at the moment!