Thursday, March 27, 2008

Qui nous met dans un drôle d'état

One more video for now, and then I'm done: people are saying this is a remix of Kate Ryan's new single, another cover, this time of France Gall's "Ella, Elle l'a" (her album is due out May 19). I've got no idea if that's true or not (well, I know that a cover of said song was her next single), but it sounds like her--I just have no idea how a remix got out there. Anway, because it's new Kate, here it is (keep in mind that it's said to be a remix, not the original, though, so it's mainly posted for curiosity's and "oh, what do her vocals sound like on the song?" sake):

Speaking of Kate, there's a bit of news about a song in the running ("on the short list") to be on her album over at Pop Trash Addicts' interview with Peter Wilson, which is interesting for way more than that, by the way--if you want a look behind the scenes of the music industry (that's far from dry, let's just make that clear), it's worth your time.


Mike said...

Glad you liked the interview :) Peter was hilarious, commenting freely on everyone and everything! I really hope his collaboration with Kate comes off because his ideas sound fabulous and his sound would really suit her.

Paul said...

that interview was great - i'd love for Peter and Kate's collaboration to be on the album. I've slowly but surely become a Kate fan thanks to you PPG :)

Poster Girl said...

He sounds like it! I really mean it, too--it was a GREAT read. I'd like to see that happen, too.

Yay for Kate! :D She's fantastic--fingers crossed for this album.