Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm swimming in the dark beside you

At risk of turning into an all-YouTube, all the time blog, I have to mention--with absolutely all credit to Oswalds Popcorn for my knowledge of it--German-based producer(s) Schiller. It's a month or so old at this point (and the news of it happening is even older, apparently), I think, but better late than never. Like the post below, this song involves a singer I'm kind of obligated to write about whenever she does something new, but in this case, it's not Kate Ryan--it's September. She provides the vocals for this trance-ish track, an electronica song that's not really meant for dancing (though I think it may be one of the more uptempo songs on the album, which really says more about the album's style than it does about this track); it's one of those songs that's all about creating an atmosphere.

Oh, you know what--since it was another blog that introduced me to it, I was just going to embed a video and not include the song, but really, "Breathe" is just too entrancing for everyone not listen to it in good quality. This is the sort of music where the clarity of the audio is absolutely important. The fact that this is a "featuring" appearance for September shouldn't turn you off of listening to it, though--collaborations can sometimes yield stunning results (and though I don't have the liner notes myself to check, Discogs says the music and lyrics are actually by the people usually behind September's work, the von der Burgs and Anoo Bhagavan, as well as the man behind Schiller, Christopher von Deylen). "Breathe" may be based more in electronica than September's usual work, but it's a lush, lovely, grown-up song that deserves to be heard. I'm not sure if it's a "pop radio" type of track, but it's easily singleworthy in respect to whatever radio stations play electronica music.

On a sidenote, is it just me or are there lines that reference September and her past work?


To buy Schiller's two disc album Sehnsucht, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe something Lithuanian.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing this track to us.
I know Schiller, quite big here, but had no idea September was involved this time.
He released this album as a 3-CD set, so quite a lot different guest vocalists.


Poster Girl said...

Oh wow--really?

No problem! I hope everything's fixed with the forum soon, too--I may not post as much as I should, but I always read it..

Michaell said...

Isis (esc poland) is also one of the Schillers guests

Poster Girl said...

Is she really? I had no idea! I may have to go look up that song!