Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ole por sus besos, ole por su cuerpo

There are many reasons I need to make it to Spain someday, but one of them is definitely so I can finally track down some of Bea Bronchal's CDs, especially Ole. From the songs I've heard from her, it sounds like she does a fantastic job of making powerful upbeat danceable pop songs. Speaking of female Spanish pop singers making that kind of music, where on Earth is Rebeca? I need a followup to "Que no daría yo" and "I Love You Mi Vida" like nothing else! Rebeca's also got another connection to Bea: some of the songs she recorded and were planned to be hers were given away to Bea for one of her albums, if I understand the situation correctly (both were signed to the same record company at the time). Rebeca's another artist whose albums are on my shopping list for that hypothetical trip. Anyway, getting back to Bea: she's got a new single out, more of a ballad than the song I'm posting today (listen to it on her MySpace), to be followed by an album. Today's song is from several years ago, though, from her 2005 album Ole.

Ole--some songs completely abuse the Spanish pop style, taking the hallmarks of the genre and using them just because it's an easy way to make something sound "different" and because a lot of people see Spanish pop as catchy. Those sorts of songs always come out sounding soulless--they're predictable and completely lack any real spark, as well as being surrounded by more than a whiff of cynicism. On the other hand, other songs--and not just big uptempo stompers--get it exactly right. However, a big uptempo stomper as well as a song that gets it exactly right is what "Ole" definitely is. Sure, you could argue that "Ole" is just as cynical, just as guilty of that "let's just shamelessly use all those stereotypical 'Spanish music' things"--we get the word "Ole," castanets, the "Spanish guitar"--but when the song as a whole, as non-revolutionary as it might be, is constructed with such care in the name of getting you on the (as theoretical as my trip to Spain) Spanish dancefloor, that's an argument that loses power. Using backing vocals that sound like the chant of a giant crowd may be an old trick, but it's a trick that's still around because it works, as it does here, giving the song an even bigger and more commanding feel. The verses are enhanced by the aforementioned Spanish guitar, but they'd work without it as well. The best part of the song, though, is, of course, that chorus, complete with its crowd-chanted backing vocals and lines propelled along by that emphasis on the first syllable but that don't peter out because of the way the stop-start rhythm at the beginning of each "phrase" switches to a quick double emphatic punch at each phrase's end.

This is all making it sound too serious: basically, a big fun danceable pop song. That's all you really need to know.

You can buy Bea Bronchal's album Ole here (physical).

Next up: maybe that Lithuanian singer.


Robpop said...

I FUCKING love Bea!!! her albums are so difficult to find in spain now. "Aye aye por favour" as she would say!!!!!!

BEA was one of the first acts to appear on DSTP back in jan 2006.

I can't believe you like her too!!! LIKE OMG! BEA is such a unknown. I thought i was like the only one! You don't know happy i am about this PPG! Its actually mad!

My favourite album of hers is Que Te Den Candela...not sure about the new one. Que Te Den Candela is amazing. Utterly amazing! The title track is fucking fab! No Voy A Volver is brilliant! I'm not even going to even mention Bailaré. I just did. Her first album is a lot better than Ole. I adore Sin Ti from that CD though!!! Its absolutely wild! I might actually do another post on Bea. She kinda vanished.


D'luv said...

PG, great pic -- that's the one from your church directory, no?

Paul said...

oh d'luv you saucy minx. i come here with a witty comment and then you blow mine out of the water. boo you whore, etc. I actually remember VERY vaguely reading about Bea on DSTP but not really checking her out but seeing as you quoted scripture "a big danceable pop song" which really is the eleventh commandment, i will have to investigate further...

Poster Girl said...

Ahhh! I'm glad there's at least one other person to share your Bea love, Robpop! :D Que Te Den Candela is the only other album of hers I have--the title track is such a STOMPING pop track. I'm not so sure about this upcoming album either :-/ I'd love to read another post from you about her, though!

Of course not, D'luv--short skirt, tights, and cowboy boots? Never! would obviously be short skirt, tights, and thigh-high leather boots, thank you very much.

I love that! The eleventh commandment! It so is!

Michaell said...

damn, i missed the BIG Bea post !
actually I only know Bea thanks to this 2006 post on DSTP and I'm SOOOOOOOO happy you write about her too!

Michaell said...

woop woop 'Ole's already on my hot player, gonna work it tomorrow on the Bus!

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it! It's the sort of song that when I listen to while walking to class I have difficulty fighting the urge to start dancing around the paths ;)