Sunday, March 30, 2008

Impatiently waiting

This may be old news, but I only just found out that the tracklisting for Sanna's upcoming album Stronger is up.

1.) Strong
2.) Empty Room
3.) Nobody Without You
4.) I Believe It's You
5.) Heart Of Me
6.) Tomorrow Ends Today
7.) Impatiently Waiting For You
8.) Those Were The Days And The Nights Of Loving You
9.) Out Of Reach
10.) But I Know What I Want
11.) Broken In Two
12.) Magic
13.) I Can Catch The Moon
14.) This Is My Thanks

We've heard "I Can Catch The Moon" already--it's on her MySpace and she performed it on TV. Fingers crossed for maybe something like "Surrender"...please? Or "Loneliness"? Or Sonja's "Här står jag," if she really wants to avoid anything schlager-y? I just really don't think I could take fourteen songs all like "Empty Room." Fourteen tracks, though--that's a pretty long album...really, she couldn't just have all power ballads with that length, could she? There must be some variety.


Anonymous said...

Im really looking forward to this album.
I don't all 14 tracks will be ballads, 'Surrender' was an amazing song.
Not long to wait now =]

Poster Girl said...

Me too, and yes, definitely, "Surrender" was! And I'd be totally fine with some more ballads--just that 14 might be pushing it, but that really doesn't seem likely (fingers crossed).

I guess it really isn't that far away now--two weeks still seems forever away right now, though!

Alexander said...

I know they've been looking for up-tempo tracks. Much like "Alive" á la Celine Dion.

Poster Girl said...

I almost mentioned Celine Dion's uptempo-ish songs here! That's exactly what I was thinking of, that sort of uptempo track, because I could see her doing that and feeling comfortable with that with this new style of hers--that would be great; I'd definitely take that.

Thanks so much for the information, Alex!