Thursday, March 27, 2008

You should know that I am head over heels for you

Sad that you weren't able to spend your last Saturday night watching Melodifestivalen? Why not try to ease the pain with your own Swedish TV mix-and-match (i.e., feel free to skip anything that doesn't interest you) special, taken from the past few months!

I'm sure other performers have used the spinny camera at the big climatic moment in the song trick, but now that Charlotte has so totally claimed it, I can't help thinking of "Hero" right in the middle of this performance of EMD's new single, "Jennie Let Me Love You," which they performed on Let's Dance. Still, I'm totally buying this when it comes out. (Plus, bonus points for the "twisted sheets"/"sore heart beats" rhyme--that should go right up there with "fire"/"desire.")

Anna Sahlene was BRILLIANT in musical gameshow Så ska det låta this past weekend. She was teamed up with Peter Johansson against Carola and Andreas Johnson, and not only did she prove herself (as if it needed further proving) to be a fantastic singer with a great knowledge of music (she and Peter ran away with the contest), she's also made me wish even more for another album from her. Heck, I'd take an album of disco covers at this point, something which we got a taste of from several of her performances. Unfortunately, though seemingly everything her partner performed has been uploaded on YouTube, most of Anna's performances haven't been yet. Still, you can watch the whole thing here if you want to, and you can watch her perform a slowed down version of "Runaway" below.

Time for a commercial break. I'm not sure if this ad is being run in the U.S. or UK (my guess is no, at least on the US front), but it's getting airing in Scandinavian countries, even causing Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" to creep up the iTunes charts there.

Taking us back into our regularly scheduled programming is Alcazar, performing their fantastic latest single "We Keep On Rockin'" (I was going to rave about it but never did, did I?) on Let's Dance. I'm beyond thrilled to have them back and can't wait to hear some more material from them. I think they're facing off against EMD on some upcoming TV show, too...

There's some great staging going on in September's performance of "Because I Love You" on Bingolotto. She really imbues those opening lines with emotion, and I love the use of lights for the transition into the more "dance" part of the song.

Not from TV--taken from her official website, in fact--but if you want to hear a few clips of Charlotte Perrelli working on songs for her new album in studio, go to near the end of this clip.

And what better way to end our Melodifestivalen substitute than with the track rejected from the 2006 Melodifestival that ended up being the biggest selling single in 2007? Courtesy of Så ska det låta again (though a different week), here's Amy Diamond and Fredrik Swahn singing it after winning.


Paul said...

ooo look at you go with swedish tv breakdown:) OK, so i am at least temporarily sold on EMD, though i will be mad as mad can be if Danny doesn't do another solo album. And yes, even though i love the Alcazar tune a lot, i keep forgetting they are back - or at least waiting for something "big" to happen. I'm not sure what i mean - just that it feels like they are not quite back yet....

jonathan13 said...

Wow poster girl ! You rock !!! E.M.D new song is actually quite good. I really like it. Thanks !!

Alexander said...

See! I told you, you would love "Jennie"! Really excited about the album now.

Poster Girl said...

I think I got a little carried away with this post, Paul ;) Apparently Alcazar just filmed a music video for "We Keep On Rockin'," which seems like odd timing, given how well the song was doing (on digital sales) in the charts weeks ago--maybe it's to remind people, as you say, that they're back!

Aww, thanks! And it's good to hear from you again--I'm glad you like the song!

Yes, Alex, you were right ;) I'll be very interested to hear the album too!

turnaround said...

I love this video of the rehearsals of "Hero"

Especially the singing with Fredrik on the piano and hearing Anna Nordell's amazing voice there.


Can't wait to hear Jennie in full studio version, what a catchy song!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, yes! Even if I didn't mention anything besides those clips, I've watched the whole video, and I loved that part too. When is someone going to make Anna the big star she deserves to be? She needs to get a fantastic song to release.

Me neither re: Jennie!