Saturday, March 08, 2008

...que anticipabas un futuro catastrófico

I can't stand Ireland's entry this year, but I can understand what some people do see in it--and I'm not talking about in just a joke either; I can understand why it appeals to some people as a piece of music, and if I didn't dislike the turkey's voice so much, I too might be swept in by the early '90's dance catchiness of it.


I can see literally NO redeeming value in Spain's entry this year. There's no point ranting too much about it, as you can find others doing the same all over the Internet (and it was easy to see coming); if you're looking for a well thought out response to it, check out Chig's. I'll just say this: what started as a fantastic idea--opening up the national final of a country struggling to get good results in recent years to anyone--has sadly resulted in a joke entry backed by a private TV station (and rival of the TV station that runs the national final) winning out, easily getting the public's backing to go to Eurovision. What makes this a real shame is that some legitimately good and interesting entries lost out as a result.

If you want to try something different, go France's route--whether or not you like the song, there's no disputing that France getting Sebastien Tellier to enter "Divine" in the contest is an example of a Big Four country taking the contest seriously, and trying a new, interesting, and brave tack with their entry. "Divine" might not be to everyone's taste and it might not be very "Eurovision," but at the least it's an admirable effort.*

No one can say that's what that is.

*Note: there is one reservation I have about France: I kind of wish the entry was a little more Eurovision or at least a little catchier. Why? If "Divine" ends up not taking off, it could discourage other countries from being as bold as France is and other major artists from participating. In other words, it's not so much an objection to the track itself as a worry about what the ramifications might be if it fails, and thinking that maybe choosing a track a little more likely to stick with voters could help avoid that scenario. Of course, if "Divine" ends up doing well, then all my worries will be misplaced.


Rick said...

France hasn't had a really good song since 'Il Faut Du Temps' years ago (last year's entry wasn't that bad but sounded better recorded than it did live.) I have no idea how 'DIVINE' is going to go down. A really tight performance during the Final will probably get it a lot of points, but it's a coin toss with this one. It won't place 24th like the UK entry probably will.

Poster Girl said...

I'm not even totally sure what I want to happen--or maybe more accurately, what I think of the song yet. I've gone back and forth on it. I would like to see France start submitting some great songs and getting great results again, though.

Chig said...

Well thought out? Blimey. [Blush.] Thank you. It was made up as I went along, to be honest, just like the rest of my nonsense. I am humbled.
I couldn't bring myself to say any more about Spain today. I've moved on to Russia instead and discovered the stuff you wrote a long time ago about Sergey Lazarev, for which I thank you (and I've borrowed an old picture too - hope you don't mind).

Poster Girl said...

Ah, no, I meant it!

Moving on is probably the best strategy--and of course not!