Sunday, March 09, 2008

Heaven help me

There's never a bad time to appreciate Charlotte Perrelli, right?

Here she is doing "Take Me To Your Heaven" at the German final, as part of a winners' medley with Ruslana and Marija.

Here she is doing a really pretty great cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" on Swedish TV (tiny bit of lyrics trouble, but nothing too distracting).

...and finally, let's remind ourselves one more time of the brilliant brilliant "Hero," which I'm hoping will win Melodifestivalen this coming weekend.


Kevin said...

I'm with Ben, the Charlotte song is "been there, done that".

Regardless, you'd be interested to know that Emil and PJ have already remixed quite a few of this year's entries.

Poster Girl said...

I was just looking at some of the remixes out there--that is good to know!

Kevin said...

Among others, PJ Harmony has remixed Frida, while Emil (SoundFactory) has remixed J&H and Therese Andersson.

Of course most singles will come with either a "karaoke", "singback" or "instrumental". And these cheapskate Swedish labels wonder why they are losing sales. I wouldn't be surprised if, as usual, most of the mixes are not released.

Paul said...

well as i'm not quite as up on Charlotte as most people (i only know 3-4 songs) i quite like Hero and i adore take me to your heaven. BTW - did she sing All By Myself (but not a cover version - a fantastic disco stomper)? I loved that.

In other news. Blake on AI? Oh dear. Good hair though. Jesse - LOVING it.

Jamie said...

Long may Charlotte and her over fondness for eye shadow reign.

Hope she kicks BWO's ass. They really annoy me these days and all their songs are starting to sound so formulaic.

However, could Sanna or Sibel clinch the crown with their fab ballads?

Poster Girl said...

I didn't know that about the Frida song! Interesting--I'm not sure how a remix of it would go...I did see the SoundFactory remixes for Therese and "One Love," though.

Yes! She did! "All By Myself" is fantastic, you're so right--have you heard "Where Were You?" by here as well? Another disco stomper. I think even knowing 3-4 songs puts you ahead of most people, though, especially before "Hero" came out ;) It's so great you're back :D

Sibel's song is growing on me by the hour...I was always held back from really falling for it before because it was in such direct opposition to my very top favorite songs. It really seems like it could be a tough fight to win this year!

Jaker said...

I find myself completely fascinated by Charlotte's ability to ALWAYS look like A Drag Queen Impersonation of Charlotte Perrelli...

It's quite amazing.

And I still covet that sparkly microphone.


Rick said...

Jaker - the first thing everyone says when I show them the HERO clip and isn't familiar with Charlotte - is that a drag queen?

PGirl - Thanks for digging up those videos... they are great!

Jaker said...

" that a drag queen?"

And the answer is "No, but she's REALLY trying to be!"

Poster Girl said...

Rick, no problem!

Jaker, comment bantering is so much more interesting with you around now.

Jaker said...


Thanks, PGirl!

I was getting some flack over on Rick's site today, so that's a lovely little ego boost.

I shall keep my snark coming, then.