Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get into the music

Random Melodifestivalen commentary from me primarily designed to make it seem like I have a reason beyond just listening to songs on repeat and hoping more will show up for still being here:

Schlagerprofilerna has the running order for the final (as well as 2007's and 2006's for comparison's sake)--and to be honest, it surprised me. Charlotte first? Not that that's a week starting spot, but I just somehow figured she'd be on last.

1.) Charlotte Perrelli
2.) Sibel
3.) Rongedal
4.) Linda Bengtzing
5.) Christer Sjögren
6.) Amy Diamond
7.) Sanna Nielsen
8.) Norman
9.) Frida
10.) BWO

In other news, Ola's single is now up for purchase (yes, I realize no one cares about this besides me), but Linda's still isn't (true for some others as well--I don't see BWO's or Caracola's yet either, among others) from iTunes (you can buy them all from other stores). Honestly, I know I shouldn't complain after getting so many songs I love to the final, but "Love In Stereo"--it, Ola, and its creators belong in the final, they really do. My over-the-top proclamations of love back from semifinal two still hold true--"Love In Stereo" is what I love about pop.

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