Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hands up, I surrender--I'm ready to feel again

It is not often that an album leaves me speechless.

Given that it's happened, though, I'm just going to have to strongly encourage everyone to go check out D'luv's post on Chart Rigger about American singer Ferras's new album Aliens & Rainbows.

In fact, scratch that--I'm not encouraging you to, I'm requiring you to, and then to go check out said album. By the time I get my words back, I want everyone else to have already realized how BRILLIANT this album is.

(Note: first single "Hollywood's Not America" is deceptive.)


eurovisionessex said...

This is a really scintillating album. You can feel such depth in the melody, yet this is clearly an album of wide-appeal. I love the fullness of each track's orchestration: it gives it a kick that it might not otherwise have had. Thanks again, Poster Girl, for pointing me to great music!

D'luv said...

Glad I could spread d'luv :)

Anonymous said...

'Everybody Bleeds The Same' is by far one of the best pop songs of 2008 so far, that amazing drum-beat topped off with the fantastic melodies, lyrics and piano.

Thnairg said...

Thanks a lot, PG ... another album I have to put on my want list!! I just took a listen to the clips on Amazon and I'm sold! Ferras and Dave Barnes in the same week ... can't think of a much better way to kick off the month!! ;-)


Poster Girl said...

Eurovisionessex, not only am I thrilled you like it, your description is perfect. You completely captured all the thoughts I had floating around in my head that wouldn't coalesce into proper words.

I still can't thank you enough, D'luv!

It really is! And yet again, another fantastic description.

I'm so glad you like it (at least based on the previews)--I was hoping you might!

Yuяi said...

What a great album! Thanks for the dual-recommendation, PPG and D'luvzie. :)

Poster Girl said...

Yay for Ferras love spreading! I'm THRILLED to hear you like it! D'luv's gone and started an infection.