Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soy esa mujer que no podrás tener

A ridiculously quick post today, and I'll get caught back up with everything after today. Spanish singer Marta Sánchez is someone I've written about before, briefly; for more about her, check out PopMusicWorldWide's fairly detailed background guide to Marta or Don't Stop The Pop's post on her 2007 single "Superstar." I don't love today's song as much as I love "Superstar," but to be honest a lot of the fun (though not all!) of "Superstar" probably comes from the Depeche Mode-sampled hook; to the best of my knowledge, today's song, one of the singles from her 2002 album of the same title, includes no such sample.

Soy Yo--"Soy Yo" may not have a sample, but at a guess, I think we can say it was inspired by another song, unless you think it's a coincidence that this particular diva decided to get herself a Metro-created dance-pop song a few years after another diva managed to launch a comeback with a dance-pop song from the same studio. That said, "Soy Yo" doesn't share the robotic extreme auto-tuning of that more famous song and deserves to stand on its own, or at least to be put into the broader category of post-relationship self-affirming, I-won't-let-you-destroy-me, I'll-get-back-on-my-feet/I'm-better-off-without-you female-sung dance-pop that's been around for a lot longer than 1998. The title translates to "I am me," and I bet you can fill in the lyrics from there...and maybe even guess where the song's going musically, too, but that doesn't mean you won't have fun while it gets there.

To buy Marta Sánchez's 2002 album Soy Yo, go here (physical). Be warned: it's very ballad-heavy.

Next up: maybe that Swedish song.


Jaker said...

See? Now THIS is the kind of post you should be saving until next week to help you come down off your pre-Eurovision high.


That said, woo Marta!

NO such thing as too much Latin Pop, and I actually don't have this one yet! Yay!

Poster Girl said...

That's SO true! Ha ha...I better start figuring out what other high energy songs I have lying around to help me with that come down...