Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A dedication to your love for you, a love you've left to rust

A bit of a cheat today, posting wise: I know I said yesterday I'd be posting a song from Titiyo's 2001 Come Along album, but I want to spend more time getting to know that album first, so instead, I'm going with another Titiyo song. It comes from Swedish producer Christian Falk's 1999 album Quel Bordel, which also featured "Make It Right" with Demetreus (fantastic!), which made it into the UK charts at #22, and "Remember" with Robyn, among other songs. Today's song even has a more direct connection to Robyn than that, in fact: it was co-written by her and noticeably features her on backing vocals.

Celebration--much of the album would be good "chilling" music (it's that relaxed, piano-featuring sort of "dance" that isn't really designed for intense dancing at all), and "Celebration" is no exception. It's a well-produced lovely little song that could easily wash right over you and maybe not leave much of a lasting impression (albeit a feeling that it was pleasant) if it wasn't for the simple but effective chorus and the catchy backing vocals that serve as the counterpoint to it, as well as the Robyn-featuring bridge. If we're talking of Christian Falk, it's no "Dream On," but then, very little in the world is.

To buy Christian Falk's debut (solo) album Quel Bordel, go here (physical).

Next up: I'd say there's a 97% chance it'll be something Swedish--no, wait, it could actually be something new and Italian (/Swiss--that gives it away, doesn't it?).


EuropeCrazy said...

When you mentioned Titiyo I also thought of "Come Along" which was yet another one of these great Swedish songs which should have been an international smash.

Hopefully her collaboration with Kleerup will bring her the attention she deserves - it's certainly got the same haunting quality that "With Every Heartbeat" had.

Poster Girl said...

It really was! Sweden seems to be so good at making them. I'm hoping the song'll be a hit, too, and really looking forward to Kleerup's album in April. That's going to be such an expensive month for me at this rate...