Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...but apparently there's no denying she was one

What's going on in blogworld?

Don't Stop The Pop has an interview with the AMAZING Therese. You have to love her, both for her music and her MySpace blog posts/sayings. She says she's working on TWO albums! Plus I learned something related to her 2007 Melodifestival appeareance that I had no idea about--how awful for her...

Pop Trash Addicts featured the dance song "Naughty Girl" from an Australian TV show, and I've found myself playing the video over and over again so I can listen to the song...sigh--another single I'll have to buy! Definitely go check it out.

Paul wrote about Melodifestivalen! Hurrah! Well, at least I was excited.

Thnairg reviewed the Feeling's latest album.

D'luv wrote about the latest Britney video.

Schlagerprick goes over the Melodifestivalen final; his thoughts are very much worth reading.

AcerBen reviews ALL the Eurovision entries (and redesigns his site)--color me impressed. There are definitely some I haven't been able to force myself to listen to all the way through yet.

Posh & Becks continues to be the place to go for Eurovision analysis--I'm not going to even attempt to single out a specific post because the quality is too consistently high to even know where to begin.

XO is moving!

Dirrrty Pop, like sites like PopJustice and Arjan Writes, is one of those blogs I just assume everyone is reading and never bother linking to in reference to a specific post, but I will say the fact that we've been treated to an extra high posting rate (with posts about Taio Cruz's album and seeing Marit Bergman live, for example) the past few days is fantastic.

I've been remiss in linking to the reviews on Stornisse of Melodifestivalen, but here's the review of the final--very much worth reading!

I anxiously await the return of Digital Technique...

I could go on, but that's probably good for now--much further and the chance of anyone following any of these links drops exponentially, I expect. One more thing, though: I don't think I've mentioned Axle Whitehead's single "I Don't Do Surprises" over here yet, but ever since Adem introduced me to it, I've LOVED it (that middle eight is divine). Check out Adem's interview with him (along with other information about him and the song) here.


Nick said...
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Nick said...

It's such a coincidence that you mentioned the Summer Heights High song today because I posted a remix this morning as well. Have you seen the show? If not you've got to. So freaking funny!

Mike said...

LOL - it's actually "Naughty Girl"! I'm glad you like Mr G's fabulous anthem as much as I do. I can't stop watching the video - it's so wrong but so irresistible!

I love that Axle song too - which is a surprise because that kind of thing is not usually my cup of tea at all. I just wish he would flash his cock again!


Poster Girl said...

What are the odds? I hadn't heard that remix yet, though! I haven't seen the show yet, but I REALLY want to--this is also the show that gave us Tsunamarama, right?

Ooops! Typo--fixed, thanks Mike! I keep finding new favorite parts of that video. And maybe you should start a petition? I bet you'd get a lot of people who'd sign it with you!

Rick said...

Who is that Stornisse? He is so cool and such a BRILLIANT writer. Do you have his number? Is he hot?

Paul said...

ooo i so have to check out summer heights high. And i'm glad you mentioned that you liked that post :) It was my first tackling of anything schlager! Eep!

PS - mike, add my name to thatpetition... not that i'm a tramp or anything :P

The Blogger Formerly Known As DigiTech said...

Thanks for the mention PPG - not sure if Digital Technique is going to return - have had loads of ideas for posts which didn't fit into DT so have started a new blog (yep......another one!!)

Will be still be keeping Digital Technique online but not updating at the moment! Check out the new blog tho


DT x

Poster Girl said...

Rick, I hear he's VERY hot and AVAILABLE. We may have to make you fill out a questionnaire to make sure you 1.) are not carrying too much baggage, and 2.) are potentially up for traveling to Sweden in March of 2009 before I can start handing out numbers, though. Also, ability to pick up on created languages and play volleyball is a plus.

It was great! :D And yeah, I need to check it out too.

As long as you're writing somewhere! I'll go check it out.

Stevetastic said...

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