Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feels like autumn never leaves when you're not around

I've been meaning to properly listen to a-ha for ages now--there's something about their music that I think I would adore. I've not yet done it, though, and today's post isn't about a-ha. Why open with writing about them, then? Though it's not as instrumentally grand as what I think of when I think of a-ha, today's song reminds me just a little of what I think I'd like about the Norwegian group; there's this melancholy swoony quality to it. Swedish group Bobby's song "Autumn Never Leaves" has been out for several months now, and I have known about it, but what I'd heard didn't catch my attention at the time. I periodically returned to it hoping my opinion would change, though, and now it has.

...and now, after hopefully having not scared off people with yet more talk of this Melodifestivalen thing, can I mention that (I'm fairly sure that) this song is a Melodifestival reject? For several years running, in fact, at least every year since 2006--I guess the group just got tired of nearly making the cut but never quite getting through and decided to release the song on its own. I'm glad they did--I can see them ending up with a result similar to Eskobar in the contest, though who knows.

If you're looking for Bobby in their more synth-pop mold, though, check out "Sayonara" or even "Swimming With Sharks," also on their "Autumn Never Leaves" EP, which can be purchased as DRM-free mp3s here.

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