Sunday, February 03, 2008

Your pain and your sorrow, I put them aside

Mentioning this in the comments has reminded me of something I've been meaning to mention on here: Swedish artist, "Piccadilly Circus" singer, and original "Alla flickor" performer Pernilla Wahlgren has a new single out. It's called "I min värld," it's very schlager, and comes in at right about three minutes, so I imagine we can probably guess what it was originally for (whether or not with her, I have no idea). Anyway, it's an enjoyable way to spend three minutes--if you like schlager or even just big upbeat pop tracks, it's worth jumping over to her MySpace to give it a listen; I really like it.

I keep toying with the idea of buying her last album, from 2006 (or maybe one of her earlier '80's ones)--I do like "Come Inside My World" a lot.


kevin (ru) said...

MF rejects start floating around...

Pernilla is always lovely, though.

Poster Girl said...

Yup! I don't mind, though--some are great. I love "Kom hit" on Nanne's last album.

She seems like it! I really need to get some albums from her--for some reason, I've just been having the urge to go buy one of her '80's albums.