Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another "can I just say..."

I'm really enjoying the Slovenian final! Maybe it helps that I'm not overdosing by jumping back and forth between three national finals like last night, but really, though I'm not sure there's anything I'm completely totally madly in love with yet (well, maybe one, ish), but there are songs I like, and the quality is generally very good so far. It really is...well, to use the word again, enjoyable.

Edit: no, I take it back! Rebeka and Turbo Angels have officially taken this final all the way up to the level of a-maz-ing. I need to go to Slovenia. Seriously. One more performance left, one I saw part of before (and really liked what I saw).

Yes, I now officially love this country.

Rebeka to the finals! Yay! She was one of four I would've liked to see win, and my easy favorite out of the top two. Great performance and great song. Well done, Slovenia--great show, great quality with the web stream, great songs, and great result.

And I'm not kidding about this booking a trip to Slovenia thing either. I now need to.


AcerBen said...

I'm kinda relieved I forgot it was on. Don't like this interval act one bit. I'm not expecting to like the winner either...

Poster Girl said...

Which part of the interval act? The cover of "Diva" was definitely the low point of the whole affair so far.

I don't think there's any song in this final I actually dislike...but, now that we're down to the top two, if Rebeka wins, I will be THRILLED. There were about four acts I would've liked to see win, and she's one of them.

AcerBen said...

Not keen on the winner. It's dated pap. Not what Eurovision 2008 should be about IMO.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I love it! But now that I've listened to her older songs, I actually love those more...oops.