Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can I just say again...

Eurobandið have to win in Iceland. C'mon, Iceland, put 'em through to the final and then send them all the way! "Fullkomið líf" is easily one of the best songs in all the national finals so far.

Also, that was a lot of purple.

Edit: I should say that I like Mercedes Club's song as well, but the live vocals on that are (as far as I know) so far untested...and I prefer "Fullkomið líf" anyway, I think.


madforsadler said...

here's hoping iceland will make the right decision this year! For Latvia, I'm in love with Wolves of the Sea; its just so amazingly campy!

Have you heard the Piece of Me Remix with Robyn? I was listening to Latvian radio, and it is just amazing. :)

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, you're right! It SO is! I love it! Oh, I so need to go YouTube their performance of this now--I hope it's suitably over-the-top!

I haven't! I mean, I know Robyn's on the original, but is there a remix that emphasizes her more or something?