Saturday, February 02, 2008

If the groove feels all right, baby hold on tight

Funnily enough, Robpop wrote about N.E.X. only a few days after I'd got albums by their two component groups, Supernatural and Excellence (well, original component groups, before lineup changes; now, there are still ex-Supernatural members but no ex-Excellence members in N.E.X.). Both groups were created through the Popstars TV show in Sweden, the all girl group Excellence forming as a result of the first season and the three girl two guy group Supernatural forming through the second season. The song I'm posting today was Supernatural's second single, and second to last; they only released one album.

Rock U--talk about classy opening lines. Anyway, take a pop-dance backing, add some rapped verses and a very turn-of-the-century-sounding pop chorus, throw in a growing distortion effect that makes it seem like a movie is about to start and the guys doing that dog bark thing, and you've got a very cheesy but also great hard-hitting pump-up pop song. It totally sounds like something a Popstars group would make, but it's no less enjoyable because of that.

To buy Supernatural's album Dreamcatcher, go here (digital); alternatively, you can buy the "Rock U" single here (physical).

Next up: I haven't decided whether or not I'll be doing my pre-Melodifestivalen rundowns again this year, but I probably will--if so, that may be tomorrow.

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