Friday, February 01, 2008

You better believe it

Oh, and I've been meaning to say I was very very saddened to read this news--basically, there will be no day before or at all before full previews of this year's Melodifestivalen songs; we'll get up to a minute of each song on the radio beforehand and be able to buy those knocked out of the competition from digital music services afterwards and listen to them, but that's it (I think that's what it says, anyway).

I can understand why last year's format isn't being used, even if I liked it; releasing the songs in proper quality the Friday beforehand did lead to them being ripped and spread all over the Internet, but, if releasing the songs on Friday or Saturday afternoon is out, would it really be so bad to at least still air them on the radio in full in subpar-but-listenable audio quality beforehand?


D'luv said...

What's schlagerbebis to do?!

madforsadler said...

no, that's so sad! At least the Eirodziesma songs are available onlline.

Foxbase Alpha said...

That means we wont be able to get the finalists(nor those getting thru andra chansen)before the final? It may be a long wait, but i am sure some esc devoted sites/forums will find the way to make them available. Hope so!

BTW we have just added two entries in our blog about more hopefuls for the very-indie Spain´s Eurovision selection thru MySpace.

Take care!

Poster Girl said...

J'ason, that comment has made my DAY--a literal LOL! Still the best word ever.

I know! :( I haven't listened to them yet--are there some good ones? I need to go check them out.

I think--and I could be totally wrong on this--that we'll get them by the semifinal. I really need to learn Swedish. I hope so, too! And thanks for the heads-up--I'm definitely off to read those!