Monday, February 18, 2008

"What's 'Boom Bang-A-Bang'?"

Quick aside: Scott Mills played short--in some cases really really really really short--clips of the songs in the UK's national final for Eurovision on his show today. If you go to his official page, click on "Latest Show," and fastforward to around 3:23:00 ish (that's what the timer will read--it starts at 1:00:00 or something, so you're really only fastwording past two hours and twenty minutes or so), you can listen to the clips, with him and others talking over the top of them.

ESC Today has more coverage on the finalists, and Don't Stop the Pop is the place to go for LoveShy news.


eurovisionessex said...

Wasn't the easy dismissal of Eurovision so predictable? I don't know what some people's problem is. I'd much rather they ignored it if they have so much contempt for Eurovision, yet we have to put with facile derision every year.

Poster Girl said...

I know...I felt exactly the same way! Grrr... (very eloquent response from me, I know! ;) )