Monday, February 18, 2008

Help me get love back on its feet

I've used Jamie Meyer as a reference point a lot on here, but was thinking today that I've only ever posted one song from him, and that must have been more than a year ago at this point. With that in mind, then, here's another song from the Swedish singer's enjoyable 2003 pop-rock album It's All About Me. Jamie won was in the series of Popstars that future BWO singer Martin Rolinski was also in. His first two singles were great fun upbeat pop-rock. Some day I really will bother to figure out how to transfer videos from CD to YouTube because his video for "Good Girl" (his second single; it didn't perform as well as debut single "Psycho," which may be the usual for a second single in Sweden, but I prefer it, though "Psycho" is good too) needs to be on there--revolutionary? No, but it's endearing and a total flashback to the time period the single was released, even if it wasn't a video I ever actually saw at that time. Anyhow, the song I'm posting today isn't quite as uptempo or as upbeat or pure fun-oriented as his first two singles, but it's still one of the album's better tracks.

Random fact: if I'm remembering correctly, every song on It's All About Me was co-written by Jörgen Elofsson.

Writing this post prompted me to go check up on him, and, after moving to the U.S. and releasing a new EP a while back, it looks like he's got an actual new album, called Great Big Chance, coming out this March in Sweden; it sounds like it'll continue his more "grown up" sound.

One Way Street--like most of Jamie's songs, "One Way Street" is catchy, fantastic for singing along with, and uses exactly the right amount of guitars--the vocals are never overpowered but the guitars are present enough to give the song that needed punch, especially for moving into the chorus (typical double guitar chug there!). I'm not really sure whether you'd say the song, a plea for some help in making a relationship work (i.e., make it not just a "one way street") is midtempo or uptempo--midtempo, I guess, but the way the chorus rises gives it a "bigger" feel, and the song never feels like it's dragging, or even really that sad. Really, "One Way Street" may not be the almost undiluted fun of "Good Girl" and the less-than-happy emotions of the song are recognizable and add to the song's strength, but it is fun, in its own way--it's just slightly less peppy. It's also the sort of song that would fit in equally comfortably on a teen pop playlist or (if given a fair chance) a slightly more credible radio-friendly rock playlist. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go wander around with "This love is, is a one way street/Oh yeah/This love is, is a broken promise" and "ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

You can order Jamie Meyer's album It's All About Me by sending an e-mail to his official website; other online stores don't carry it anymore, though it does sometimes show up on eBay. It's also on the Swedish iTunes store, should you be from Sweden.

Next up: I'm not sure--maybe something from another male Swedish singer.


madforsadler said...

oh wow, Jamie Meyer is kind of amazing. Finding his cd was such a great surprise :)

Paul said...

ooo i thought, lovely another swedish star to get into. Then i looked in my music folder on the computer (and on the external hard drive - it's ridiculously large now. I need to prune. Do I really need 11 mixes of Steps Deeper Shade of Blue?) and i already had some of his music but have no recollection of ever downloading/purchasing/listening to it! Oh my gosh!

Poster Girl said...

Yay--I'm so glad someone else likes him! :D And that you found his CD! It's got some real gems on it.

Paul, I just went back and looked--after I introduced you to him back in January of 2007 and posted one of his songs, you did react maybe you went off and downloaded some of his other work and then forgot about it? Just a guess. I TOTALLY know what you're talking about with having to sort through bunches of music, too--my external hard drive is going to be full up not too far in the future, and then what am I going to do? I don't have the Steps problem, though ;)

Paul said...

haha i searched your site too - i think i blame you for about 7% of my external hard drive woes (and at 500GB thats a lot of blame!!) I may have to delete some stuff - or buy a second hard drive. I just found out i have every madonna cd single on my computer. I mean is that necessary?

Poster Girl said...

Umm...well, D'luv would say no, Adem might say yes! You might be able to put some of those on another hard drive, though ;)