Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That's my cool and I can't take it off

I'd held off on doing a post on this song for a while since both #1 Hits and EuropeCrazy had written about it. I was planning to make the Lethal Bizzle entry in my year end singles countdown a tie with this song (or rather, make this song like a subpoint of that one; the same was supposed to happen with "The Way I Are" and the Andy Caldwell mix of Brielle Davis's "Take It Off"), but then just didn't (mainly because it would have taken extra writing, I think). I really should have, though, because it may even be better than "Police On My Back."

Still, I really can't help mentioning it here, just in case there's a chance you haven't heard it yet--it seriously gets better every single day. Thus, I present Swedish hip-hop artist Adam Tensta and "My Cool."

It seriously is the ultimate song when you just want to psych yourself up, get yourself feeling like you're amazing. It's also a fantastic strutting song--yes, rap and strutting. Really.

If there was any justice, this song would go international. And easily.


EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for posting about this one. This has got international hit written all over it - I remember he even got a mention on Perez Hilton's blog a couple of weeks ago too. Great track and I'm still playing it a lot.

Electroqueer said...

rather good one PPG! I like it - what a great find!

Poster Girl said...

It does! And yeah, he did--I don't read that site, but the Swedish tabloids wrote about how he got mentioned there.

Great! I'm so glad you like it! Kind of surprised--but I shouldn't be, because it is kind of electro-soaked, isn't it? It's even getting a lot of dancefloor play.