Tuesday, January 01, 2008

#28 The Veronicas, "Untouched"

Don't even talk about the consequence
'Cause right now you're the only thing thats making any sense to me
And I don't give a damn what they say
Or what they think, think
'Cause you're the only one who's on my mind
I'll never ever let you leave me
I'll try to stop time forever
Never want to hear you say goodbye

The best strings in pop this year + clap clap clap double clap beat + electro + filtered vocals = AMAZING. The rushed confessional feel of the verses gives way into this big sweeping dramatic chorus (with some "ah la la la"s thrown in for good measure); combined, they mean desperation encapsulated in song form. You know how people talk about dancefloor confessional music? This is it, with a little bite, a little bit of punkiness. "Untouched" meant a revival of my interest in the Veronicas after the second album's lead single "Hook Me Up" had caused me to lose all interest in a band whose first three singles I had adored, and boy, am I glad Pop Trash Addicts featured it. I may have only been listening to it for a few weeks, but I'm relatively confident I won't regret giving it this high a placing on my year-end countdown--if anything, it deserves higher.

Find it on: Hook Me Up


Mike said...

It's great to see an Australian act on your countdown! I don't blame you for disliking "Hook Me Up". If it wasn't played on the radio every 10 times over here, I'd probably still hate it too. I think "Untouched" is much fresher and really quite original.

paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

i so need to check out the veronicas second album. I liked their debut quite a lot but not quite enough to check out the second album... still from what i have heard Untouched is rather marvelous and worth investiligating!

Digital Technique said...

You can't beat some strings in a pop song - they are definitely underused!

I love this song and basically just The Veronicas in general! 2 great albums and so many fantastic songs - their version of We're Not Gonna Take It - is such a guilty pleasure!! :)

Poster Girl said...

Mike, I went back and listened to "Hook Me Up" again after liking this so much and I think I really underrated it at first! I still definitely like "Untouched" more, though.

I still need to check out the album too, Paul! Saving up my money. Let me know what you think!

They definitely are! I am such a sucker for some good strings in a pop (or dance) song! I'm so glad I think I like the Veronicas again :)