Tuesday, January 01, 2008

#27 Páll Óskar, "International"

Þú finnur að ástin
er international

Páll Óskar (best known to most people for his participation in 1997's Eurovision) released three fantastic singles this year. Pretty much no one outside of Iceland noticed, but that doesn't stop him from being one of the artists I've been most impressed with this year; if I had to give anyone a kind of "comeback of the year" award for 2007, it would be him. The openly gay singer (with some artists, I don't think it's necessarily important to mention their sexual orientation, but I think with Páll, given what he's done and how open he's been, it is). "International" (as well as first single "Allt fyrir ástina" and third single "Betra lif" and, I imagine, more) was, as I understand it, written by the same man who wrote Eurobandið's national final entry "Fullkomið líf," and I imagine if it was an entry for Eurovision, it'd be something of a fan favorite. It's a glittering dance-pop song, crisp, sleek, and shiny throughout, as well as, probably most importantly, very very catchy.

Find it on: Allt fyrir ástina

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