Tuesday, January 01, 2008

#30 Daniel Zueras, "No quiero enamorarme"

Note that the actual music video is NSFW, so I've embedded a performance below (only the first half of the video is this song); should you want to watch the music video, you can do so here.

Hoy no quiero enamorarme
sólo estar pegado a ti
como el viento con el aire
dando lo mejor de ti y de mí

This is a perfect pop song. I love it. So why isn't it higher? I have no idea--could just as easily be #1, depending on...well, the day, I guess, or anything.

Sounding like something straight out of the '90's, "No quiero enamorarme" ("I Don't Want To Fall In Love") was the debut single of Operación Triunfo (the Spanish precursor to Fame Academy and its various incarnations) contestant Daniel Zueras. And it completely baffles me. For the longest time, I was convinced some big names had to be behind it, just selling off songs probably written in English to performers in other countries, but no, it was apparently written by David Santisteban and Marco Dettoni, who, from the other songs I've heard of theirs (which are admittedly not many), have never even done really anything near this good. It's like they woke up one morning and were just like, "you know, it's time to write a great pop song"--and they did. Was it written for Daniel and he's just a particularly inspiring muse? Were they visited in a dream by the pop gods and had the melody bestowed upon? I have no idea. I do know, though, that this song is perfect bouncy poppy pop (maybe with a little dance influence thrown in), way too much fun, and super-catchy. The song may not be about innocent intentions, but the video takes that to a whole new level; I'm not sure if the logic behind it was something like "well, this song won't win Daniel any cred or edge, so let's do something racy and 'controversial' in the video!" or just "let's get some headlines for something" (given the flood of OT contestants in the market now), but regardless, the song playing during it is too good to miss out on.

Find it on: Siempre sale el sol

Big thanks to Don't Stop The Pop for introducing me to the song!

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