Thursday, January 03, 2008

#23 Matt Willis, "Crash"

So what, what do you want from me?
Got no cure for misery
And if I go around with you
You know that I'll get messed up too with you!

Poor Matt Willis. Living proof that being part of one of the world's best music groups, releasing one of 2006's best singles, making an album with fantastic songs on it, and winning a reality TV show doesn't translate into commercial success as a solo artist. In what was probably a last-ditch attempt to explore the seemingly last possible option towards upping his popularity, Matt (or his record company) decided to release a cover of the Primitives' "Crash" as a tie-in with the movie Mr. Bean's Holiday. Sadly, and despite Matt even looking cleaned-up and presentable on the single cover, the song entered the UK charts at #31, Matt's lowest chart placing yet. Though I thought I preferred Shebang's version at first, I'm relatively sure this is now my favorite cover of the song, essentially making it more modern and a little more pop-rock (I guess most people would say pop-punk, but that phrase generally makes me cringe), a little crunchier. It's fun, catchy (love those swirling guitars in the middle 8, and I always adore repeated nonsense syllables), and yet another case of an underperforming single from my favorite pop-rock artists. Matt's no longer signed, but I live in the most likely vain hope that we hear more music from him at some point in the future.


Find it on: Crash (single)


stoobydoo said...

I will say one thing:

I like some Matt Willis, but this is immensely inferior to the original version of this song...

D'luv said...

He's another one that needs to get down and D'luvvly.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, yeah, I was careful to say it was my favorite cover, though I think I may have accidentally just said it was my favorite version in an earlier post! I do know where you're coming from, though.

Given the success of his solo music career, D'luv, he's probably available.

EuropeCrazy said...

Nothing will beat the original version by The Primitives, but this was quite a good effort, spoiled only by the hideous Mr Bean. "Up All Night" is my favourite Matt song BTW.

Poster Girl said...

Oh gosh, yes. And yes to "Up All Night" as his best song as well! :)