Thursday, January 03, 2008

#22 Monrose, "Hot Summer"

I'm introduced to a hot producer
But I can tell he's just a stuck up loser

It seems Germany's pop groups targeted at younger audiences have taken to "mimicking" Timbaland's style. Of all the songs to have co-opted that style, though, I think "Hot Summer" is probably the best. There's not too much to say about "Hot Summer" except that it's a girl group trying to sound like they're doing an edgy Timbaland track. It's a catchy song, full of filtered and processed noises and with some distant male backing "ohh"s. See US5's "Rhythm Of Life (Shake It Down)" for the less in-your-face boy band version.

Hot Summer

Find it on: Strictly Physical


Mike said...

This really is the poor man's "Maneater" but I still love every second of it. I really wish one of my favourite pop tarts would cover "Hot Summer" because it has so much international potential. Still catchy almost a year later!

Michaell said...

woop woop me likey.. me likey sooo much - it's still huge on the radio in here + strictly physical (which's even more Timbalandish)

Adem With An E said...

Agree with Mike - this song would be huge in the right hands. I'm surprised it didn't end up on the Britney album to be honest.

Poster Girl said...

It is! I'd be all for selling the song to someone else as well. Good call/description as well!

I've been meaning to see if the album is any good...I think I like "Strictly Physical" too, though I haven't listened to it as much and need to give it a few more gos.

I'm so shocked it wasn't released by someone on a larger scale as well! It really does seem like it has international potential.