Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#15 Danny, "Tokyo"

Sleepless nights
My eyes are open but I must be dreaming
You and I
We play it cool but underneath we're steaming

There we were, in the middle of Melodifestivalen season, when suddenly, out of nowhere (well, I guess that's arguable--the singer was on Idol and the writers have done quite a lot of other famous--at least in Sweden--songs, including September's, but seeing a great non-Melodifestivalen song come out right at that time and do so well was a pleasant surprise), there it was: one of the year's best songs. I think I've probably written more than enough about Danny here and elsewhere, so for now, I'll leave it at this: "Tokyo" is a big cheesy dance-pop song with one of the year's best key changes that's fun from the first listen but then sticks with you longer than you think it will.

Find it on: Heart.Beats


D'luv said...

Danny? I thought her name was Robyn? What's going on here, Poster Girl? Don't confuse an old man...

madforsadler said...

tokyo is definetely one of the best dance songs of all time, forget just last year. Still, when you commented on the fact that he joined the band EMD, I was only sad about him, but then I listened to Erik Segerstedt's cd, and realized I miss both them as solo artists.

Resa said...

God, I've loved everything Danny has done (though the jury is still out on his EMD exploits). The Spanish version of Tokyo's become my new shower song.

Poster Girl said...

J'ason, you think that's confusing, you should see what he's wearing in the beginning of this video. It's the sort of thing confused smilies were invented for.

That's true--it is! And do you know, you're right--Erik had some great songs on there...I hope EMD end up doing some great original songs to make up for all this!

He's brilliant! I hope his next solo endeavor is just as good and just as successful. Ha ha!