Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#14 Lethal Bizzle, "Police On My Back"

Like, I had to pack that all in obviously 'coz of the music but like,
One time I got chased by helicopters, police, police dogs
Like I got away though but, but listen to what happened though look, look

Possibly the year's biggest giddy sugar rush of a song, and it's a combination of rap, grime, and indie. Propelled by a Equals-as-done-by-the-Clash sample which I initially thought meant this was case in point for how if the sample's good enough the rest of the song doesn't matter, "Police On My Back" actually benefits enormously from how fantastic a narrator Lethal Bizzle is; he's funny (the moment when he actually mimics a heartbeat and the point at which he pretty much just stops rapping and tells us "I just...walked home!" being just two of many high points) and knows just which words to emphasize to help the song pop. In other words, a genuinely inspired use of sample isn't the only thing this song has going for it; it's got one of the year's most engaging vocal performances as well.

Police On My Back

Find it on: Back To Bizznizz

(FYI, this song could so easily be #1 on the list--I listen to it so often, it never fails to make me smile, and I would be beyond thrilled if we had it on U.S. radio.)

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