Sunday, December 02, 2007

Trying to fall asleep again...sleep again, at 3 AM

Kleerup is at this point probably most famous for his song "With Every Heartbeat" with Robyn, though he also did Jessica Folcker's album Skin Close as well. He's working on an album of his own, which, if I'm remembering correctly, is what "With Every Heartbeat" was originally for. The song I'm posting is a demo from that album, and just a radio rip at that, but I still think it's worth sharing. I don't think I thought too much of this song the first time I've heard it, but one day I just sort of thought "this is quite nice!"

3 AM (feat. Marit Bergman)--as I said, this is just a radio rip, so there's some talking at the beginning and end and over the middle of the song to tag it. It's also, I think they said, just a demo, so the final version could be different. Anyhow, it's mainly electro in backing with some string-like touches. I'd say the musical backing isn't quite as sad as that of "With Every Heartbeat," though once again you've got a singer dealing with loss. Sorry, this song deserves more of a description--maybe I'll come back and edit this later.

This is a demo, so there's nowhere to buy it yet and it'll only be posted for a little bit. You can buy Kleerup and Robyn's single "With Every Heartbeat" here (physical) or here (digital), though.

Next up: maybe something Australian.


Adem With An E said...

Really liking the strings, LOVING Miss Bergman's vocal... I actually hope this doesn't get altered too much once the final edit surfaces, it's gorgeous in a completely 1980's Sam Fox's "I Surrender" meets Fancy "Slice Me Nice" kind of way.

Robpop said...

When this first on Kleerup's myspace player a few months ago i thought it was very necessary for the guy to be nominated in the Pop awards. Sadly he didnt pick up THAT many votes....but i think all those acts in that category are gonna have an amazing 2008.

Kleerup is certainly one of those guys who'll make you go 'wow'. He's also a very nice individual too.

paul @ said...

The strings are rather gorgeous. And that photo of Jessica is rather lovely. Actually i thought you had broken all your "taboos" and that was you! But no! It is how i imagine you to look. Which really doesn't have a lot to do with this song, but really Adem and Bobsicles said it all!

Poster Girl said...

It might not end up changing at all--I hope not too, I think, because I love it as is. Yeah, it's just lovely :D

Yeah, he probably wasn't as "glamorous" a choice for voters, but he's definitely someone to watch out for! It's SO great to hear that he's a good person, too!

Paul, you've caught me out! The real reason I love Swedish pop so much is because I've got a Hannah Montana-esque second life as a Swedish popstar ;)