Monday, December 03, 2007

So now I'm off to anywhere, anywhere, as long as it is far away from here

I should have more time to devote to posts after the end of next week, so hopefully they'll be a greater variety of songs and more written about them then, but for now, another kind of short quick post--once again, about a Swedish artist. I know I've written about Anders Johansson, but he's worth mentioning another time (and yes, I really will pick up that Fame Factory special and finish that at some point, but don't worry, he's got enough good songs to still do that as well). Like yesterday's artist, Nick Lachey, he does a good ballad, but (kind of unlike Nick so far), he's got a good number of catchy upbeat pop-rockier numbers. He's just one of those singers that I find really endearing for some reason, and I hope at some point we get a new album--he released a cover of Heart's "Alone" earlier this year (really great, surprisingly, after I got over my shock at hearing it the first time--I now love it), so far unattached to any album, and I think he's been performing a new song or two (which are Swedish) on tour, so hopefully we'll get an album released in some country at some point.

It's Over--I had such a hard time choosing which song to post--I went back and forth so many times (which kind of defeated the purpose of a theoretically "quick post"). I wouldn't say he's got all killer no filler albums, but he's got so many songs I really want people to hear that it's very tempting to just make my own "best of" for him and post it. This is one of Anders' more guitarry efforts, but he (/his songwriters) is one of the few artists who seems to know how to always keep guitars in the back and never overwhelming the vocal melody. Speaking of his voice, he's got a unique one which could potentially work to his disadvantage if used wrong, but luckily, it's not, and I love the sound of it. We get a nice double guitar chug before moving into the harder-hitting chorus and the verses are a nice catchy breather from the fuller instrumentation of the chorus. Or basically: catchy uptempo song with guitars. I like it.

To buy Anders Johansson's album If It's All I Ever Do, go here (digital) or you can hope one shows up on Amazon or eBay.

Next up: maybe that Australian artist.


Troy said...

I bought his first two albums and I was actually a little dissapointed... each album has about 2 or 3 amazing tracks and the other ones I found to be quite bland :(

I do love his voice though!

I LOVE When I Become Me and Is He The One!!

Claire said...

Please tell me the something Australian coming up isn't our gold lame failure of an Idol winner!

Can it be Girlfriend? Can it? Can it?


Poster Girl said...

Troy, I know what you mean (though I like more than you)--that's what I was trying to get at with the "making a greatest hits" thing--I don't know that I can recommend to the average person to run out and buy his albums, but he's got some great songs that everyone should hear. "Is He The One" is such a perfect ballad!

Ha ha, not Girlfriend (although it probably should be some day), but no, not your Idol winner either! I haven't even heard her song yet.

Len said...

Speaking of the FAME FACTORY special, I noticed that is selling a bunch of the albums from past seasons for 10kr each. I wish I had someone in Sweden that could order them for me, since Ginza doesn't ship abroad. Do you have the FAME FACTORY Christmas album, I've been searching for that one...?

Poster Girl said...

Len, I might! I've got a bunch of them and can't remember which (didn't have room on my hard drive for all of them). The thing is, I started moving some of my stuff a few weekends ago, so I can check at the end of next week for you. I know what you mean--Ginza's got such great discounts.