Saturday, December 01, 2007

I don't wanna waste another day stuck in the shadows of my mistakes

Guess who's coming back?

Yes, I'm sure all of you have been waiting anxiously for news of Nick Lachey's new single. Well, I actually have--I've not been on the edge of my seat, but I am interested to hear it, even knowing there's no guarantee of quality. It's called "Ordinary Day." He'll perform it on Oprah this Wednesday and it'll be for sale on iTunes December 18. I'll be surprised if it does much, but, if I like it, I hope it does well.

Of course, the fact that it's a Nick Lachey song written by Diane Warren isn't helping dispel my fears that it'll be yet another ballad at all. Oh well, though--I can still hope. I still think "I Can't Hate You Anymore," "Did I Ever Tell You" (LOVE this song; lovely mid-tempo upbeat tune), "What's Left Of Me," and "Alone" from the last album were great (maybe some others, too, that I've forgotten? "I Do It For You" comes to mind, maybe...). I'm not actually sure where he would take his sound beyond that ballady kind of song, so maybe I need to just get over kind of hoping for something else so he's at least "mixing it up" on half the album and just appreciate what I do like that he's done (and knowing me, I suspect if I gave it a full fair listening, I'd probably end up loving more than I think I do--I think I may need to go revisit it now). I'd love to easily enjoy a full album by him, though, and I keep hoping that he can turn into a solid American male popstar.

Anyways, because I'm usually always up for a good ballad-into-swooshy-dance-song remix, here's a remix of Nick's biggest hit from his last album, "What's Left Of Me." If you're worried, it's under 4 minutes, not one of those extended mixes.

What's Left Of Me (Jack D Elliot Mix)

To buy Nick Lachey's single "What's Left Of Me," which has the Jack D Elliot mix on it, go here (physical).

Now, I'm off to listen to 98 Degrees' "The Hardest Thing," "True To Your Heart," and maybe, for some Christmas flair (i.e., sleigh bells and "give this gift to you" as one of pop world's least subtle metaphors), "This Gift."

Next up: maybe something Australian.


paul @ said...

No more Nick ballads!! Although he does them very well, he needs to stop moping, he is becoming a one man westlife. He always looks so happy and sexed up in media pics with that chippie he's with. Can't he sing about that? BTW It is my personal belief that Diane Warren has a computer programme that she puts a bit of melody and words into and it automatically creates a song for her!!

Digital Technique said...

How did I miss this news..... Love a good Nick ballad but hope he does do some uptempo stuff again soon especially know he is all loved up again!! :D

J'ason D'luv said...

Jesus, I had no idea about this, either. I dunno. That album was crap, save for "What's Left Of Me," which made my Top 10 Singles of '06 list last December.

I still love that song.

But to give you an idea on where 98 Degrees fall in the grand scheme of the house D'luv, I played "The Hardest Thing" on my iPod Friday night, and the ol' ball and chain goes, "Who the hell is this?" He had absolutely no recollection of them ever existing.

Poster Girl said...

Yes, good points from DT and Paul--he's happy now, so his songs should reflect that! Give us songs for dancing, Nick! OK, that might be going a little far--I'm not sure, like I said, exactly what other direction I could see him going in--and he does do ballads well.

Yeah, the lack of knowledge of it isn't boding well for its performance, but who knows. I'm not particularly optimistic about the song, but I want to hear it--does that make sense? I think 98 Degrees may be (or rather, were) slightly bigger here since they're actually from Ohio, but yeah, not the most famous of groups.