Saturday, December 22, 2007

#53 Da Buzz, "Take All My Love"

If you wanna be in paradise,
You better put your shoes on

One of the world's most consistent pop groups releases yet another hard-hitting pop-dance single. The three person Swedish group Da Buzz has a knack for churning out great pop songs and, if you don't know much of their work, you'd do well to pick up their recently released greatest hits, which features this song, followup single "Baby Listen To Me," and two other new songs in addition to eleven previous singles (and that's not even all of their previous singles). Great as the radio edit of this song is, though, "Take All My Love" would probably come even higher (lower?) on this countdown if the club edit (which, at 3:25, is only 20 seconds longer than the radio edit) had been the main version--that opening instrumental part and the playing up of some underlying electronic squiggles just ups the strength and power of the song even more.

Take All My Love (Club Edit)

Find it on: Da Buzz's Greatest Hits

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