Saturday, December 22, 2007

#54 Cosmo4, "What's Your Name"

Cruising the land,
Looking for somebody
Not a wimp with a tan
Not a boy thinking he's a man
Truth to the scale,
I need a real alpha male

Talk about summer anthem in waiting. "What's Your Name" may have been released upon the world back in the middle of winter, when it was performed for the second round of Melodifestivalen, Sweden's national final to choose a song for Eurovision, but it had summer-at-the-beach pasted all over it. Sung by four girls, the song is sassy pop through-and-through, with a chorus emphatically stating "Hey, I need another lover, right here right now--what's your name, baby, what's your name, babe?". "What's Your Name" also fits in the grand tradition of fantastic songs that open with helicopter noises (2006's installment having been Matt Willis's "Up All Night") and is made even catchier through the use of whistling. Tragically, the song didn't make it out of the semifinal, not even progressing to the second chance round, and despite the single peaking at a respectable #12 (better than two of their previous singles though not better than "Adios Amigos") and getting pretty good airplay on Rix FM for a while, we've yet to hear new music from the girls since, though Robpop reviewed the not-yet-released album for all of us not fortunate enough to hear it yet. I'm really hoping it gets released somewhere somehow at some point--I'll buy it from wherever if given the chance!

Find it on: the "What's Your Name" single or Melodifestivalen 2007 album


AcerBen said...

One of my faves from MF! It would have absolutely tanked at ESC though

Poster Girl said...

Oh yeah, I definitely agree--it wouldn't have "popped" enough. As a studio song, though, it's fantastic!