Saturday, December 22, 2007

#52 Akcent, "King Of Disco"

I wanna be on stage, I wanna feel like a star

I don't think anyone does dance-pop with ridiculous lyrics like the Romanians. Morandi's "Oh La La" had my favorite (read: ridiculous and absolutely hilarious) lyrics of last year, and Akcent's "Kylie" from 2005 was just as ridiculously catchy as it was ridiculous lyrically. Early this year, Akcent apparently decided to swap out their pop music queens, trading the Kylie references of "Kylie" for the Madonna-referencing (though not as much) "King Of Disco." What's more important than those lyrics, though, it just how catchy and fun this song is--it's definitely just as good as "Kylie," which is no mean feat. Swooshy, shiny, uptempo, highly processed, and way too danceable in a way no credible club would ever accept, "King Of Disco" is a complete "throw your hands up in the air and dance without a care in the world" song, even if you have to do it in your room because nowhere else will play it. If you wanted to get all analytical for a second, there's maybe a point to be made about how the kind of amateur goofiness and campiness of Akcent's singles like "Kylie" and "King Of Disco" is purposeful, or at least desirable--the song isn't really about being the king of disco; it's more about wanting to be and imagining that you are and that your troubles don't exist once you hit the dancefloor, which is the sort of feeling of its listeners that it's designed to play into. By being so completely over-the-top, they give you license to be as well, to forget about any ideas of credibility or seriousness or whether you even actually are a good dancer for three minutes and forty-one seconds and just have fun. I mean, if these guys can be the kings of disco, surely we all can?

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AcerBen said...

Will never get over Morandi's Oh La La not being a UK hit :( This one would have been nice too. Hadn't seen the vid before, thanx!

Poster Girl said...

I would've LOVED it to be a UK hit! Honestly one of my favorite songs of that year. Thanks for the comments!