Thursday, December 27, 2007

#38 Hilary Duff, "With Love"

You could tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do it with love, love, love, love

If Darin would have been higher earlier in the year, Hilary could easily be higher now because of how much I'm into "With Love" at the moment--I deliberately held back from ranking it higher just because I'm not sure if this is a temporary phase or a permanent positive reevaluation of the song. That gives a slightly inaccurate impression of my reaction to the song--I did initial completely brush it off, but came to appreciate it later...gradually. It's just very recently, though, that I've started to view it as fantastic. "With Love" has skittery guitars, electro pulses, and vocals that do sound fairly young but not overly so and, contrary to what I said when I first heard the song, Hilary's voice works here--it does "pop."

The fantasticness of Hilary's reinvention doesn't stop with "With Love," though. Take "Never Stop," a track from the same album, Dignity. It's pop perfection, still with the dance/electro-pop feel established by the album's singles but so happy and sunny and youthful that it'd be criminal to miss out on hearing it.

Never Stop

Find it on: Dignity


paul @ said...

what a great run of tunes! I always liked the odd hilary song but she really outdid herself on this album, and With Love was a definite highlight. How sad that it didn't do any better :( And Darin! Woo hoo! I love love love Desire. I think it probably would have got load of kudos if released in England and then stiffed at number ten for a week like other electro pop classics Beware Of The Dog and I Said Never Again... And Britney! The brilliance of that song is in the fact that it consistently gets better with each listen - much like sexy no no no!

Poster Girl said...

She did! Yay--I'm glad you like all three of those songs :D "Desire" is great!

Michaell said...

'with love' is the STUFF

Poster Girl said...

Michaell, most importantly, you're back! Yay! And yes, it's fantastic!

Michaell said...

aww you missed me, how nice =*
yeaa Sexy Back's back ;D

+ make sure you visit me to check on some great dance trackzz perfect for New Year party, but not only .. ;D

With Love

...... ;-P