Friday, December 28, 2007

#37 Ne-Yo, "Because Of You"

I got a problem and I
Don't know what to do about it
Even if I did I don't know if I would quit
But I doubt it

I didn't make a list of my favorite singles for 2006, but Ne-Yo's "So Sick" would surely have been near the top; I don't think I'd heard anything like it, and everything about it seemed flawless--a diamond of a song on so many levels, amidst the often generic or less than impressive stuff you often hear on the radio. Followup "When You're Mad" may have had me worried at the time, but "Sexy Love" showed that there was more to the American artist's singing career than just a one-off instant classic. Then he comes back with this, a song about his addiction to a girl that was unmistakably in his style--that kicky drum machine, the little up-and-down harp-like notes--but didn't feel like a retread of earlier hits, though maybe the fact that it was so upbeat-sounding and uptempo helped in that regard. Ne-Yo may be an R&B singer--and a great one at that--but there were few songs this year poppier than "Because Of You."

Find it on: Because of You


D'luv said...

I wanted to comment on this one days ago, but got caught up in vacation to-and-fro instead. Anyway, glad someone else included this in their year-end best-of list! I played it at my fave gay bar in Pittsburgh on the jukebox over the holiday!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, it's a great pop song! It was such a nice thing to be able to turn on the radio and hear this playing. I'm really glad to have Ne-Yo around as an artist.

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