Thursday, December 27, 2007

#39 Darin, "Desire"

You just knock me out
No matter what you do
Come on do me right
Light my fire

This track probably would have ranked higher earlier in the year, even accounting for fewer songs being eligible, but I'm not quite as obsessive about it as I was when it was first announced as a single. I know their was some dissatisfaction with it as a choice, but I was pleased--at the time, it was the song not yet a single from Break The News, Swedish singer Darin's third album, that I was loving the most. "Desire" tends to draw Justin Timberlake comparisons, but I think I easily like it more than Justin's FutureSex/LoveSounds stuff (well, to be fair, if the day is right, there might be one or two songs from that that I adore), though I'm not sure whether that's because I prefer Darin's voice or because there's more actual melody going on here. Mid-tempo pop with electro-y noises in the background and what sounds like ghosts doing backing vocals, the song has a chorus that really seals the deal for me--there are shouts and nonsense syllables perfect for singing along with ("yes!", "oh!", "yeah, na na na na") which I love; they're perfectly punchy. "Boy pop" with an edge.

Find it on: Break The News


AcerBen said...

I wasn't keen on this one at first - would have preferred Extra Ordinary Love as a single. I don't like the banality of the lyrics (but he wrote them himself didn't he?)

Still a good choon though!

Poster Girl said...

"Extra Ordinary Love" is a good song and you're so right about the lyrics--I was just looking them over again to choose which ones to quote, and yeah, there's not much to them--but for some reason I like "Desire" more. I don't really know why--maybe it has something to do with how much I love shouting along with the "yes"s and "oh"s ;)