Saturday, December 29, 2007

#34 Marta Sánchez, "Superstar"

Me haces brillar, contigo olvido lo peor

One of the dangers of just having got into music recently is that it means that I rarely know the original songs being sampled by today's singers, especially since sampling '80's songs is all the rage now. Beyond the obvious fact that I'm missing out on a bunch of fantastic older songs, why is this a bad thing? Well, it means I end up loving new songs probably mainly because of their sampled hook from an older song and without really evaluating the song outside of that hook--in other words, I give the new song more credit than I probably should, as opposed to just thinking, "wow, that's kind of lazy--they just took that sample and sang over the top of it!"

With that in mind, I can't really evaluate forty-one year old singer Spanish singer Marta Sanchez's single "Superstar" as well as someone who grew up familiar with Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" would be able to. I can say, though, that I adore this danceable and ridiculously catchy pop song (kind of dance-pop, but definitely more on the pop side), even if that "ridiculously catchy" part is probably mainly a function of the Depeche Mode-created hook. "Superstar" may have about 0 credibility to most listeners but it's also one of the most fun songs of the year.

For for detail and context about Marta, check out this post about her on much-missed blog Pop Music WorldWide (not sure what he'd make of this song, though) and, for more information about this latest project, visit Don't Stop The Pop, which introduced me to the song.

Find it on: Miss Sánchez


Anonymous said...

I know Marta Sanchez since I was pretty young.
The first song that I heard was "Desconocida".
I don't like how her music sounds today... it seems to me so false. This kind of pop has nothing to do with her, but I have all the respect for her.

Mike said...

We totally have a psychic connection! Marta made #34 on my countdown too. How funny!

Oh and bless Rob-pop for bringing this fabulous old broad to our attention!

Poster Girl said...

She's got so much music that I've never heard!

Ha ha ha--what are the odds?! And I know--thank goodness for Robpop! The blogging world would be a much sadder place without him and I'd have missed out on SO many great songs.