Sunday, December 30, 2007

#33 Tamta, "Agapise Me"

Ya poso kairo ya poso kairo
tha anteho na mi s'eho
ya poso kairo ya poso kairo
tha matono ego mono
ya poso kairo...

If this list was for the best songs of the year and not just my favorites, "Agapise Me" (as well as Jenni Vartianen's "Ihmisten edessä") would be crashing into the charts very near the top. I still love it, though, and every time I listen to it I get completely transfixed. It's got such an attention-grabbing opening, and not in a big kind of way; there's just this mysteriousness to the song, especially in its electro backing, that I find addictive. Class through and through, "Agapise Me" (meaning "Love me") is an achievement of a song, but not in a stuck-up way at all; the fact that it's very dance-friendly surely helps with that as well. It's a heck of a calling card for Tamta and marks her out as an artist I'll without doubt be paying attention to in the future.

Find it on: Agapise Me

Speaking of Tamta, also of note (even if more for the concept than necessarily the result) is the below (slightly risqué) performance, a blend of Mika's "Relax (Take It Easy)" and her "Agapise Me" which also, at the costume change, reveals that her giant curly hair is (at least sometimes) a wig (and also has kind of a bizarre backing).


Resa said...

Tamta! Ohh, she is amazing. What a great song. (And on another, related note, you got me hooked on Jenni Vartiainen)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, yay! I'm glad you like her! :) And "Agapise Me" is so great--I can't wait to hear what she does for her next album...