Saturday, December 29, 2007

#35 Danny feat. Therese, "If Only You"

(Just skip past the first 1:15)

Set me free
Before you
Press delete

After having released a giant cheesy dance-pop anthem with a huge key change and then going for a more pop but still a little dance and definitely still upbeat direction, what does a sixth place finishing Swedish Idol contestant turned artist with two consecutive #1 hits do next? Rope in Swedish dance artist Therese (whose solo records never seem to do as well as they should--she deserves real worldwide success) to create a gorgeously sad but equally catchy electro/dance half-ballad, apparently. "If Only You" was a great followup to Danny's first two singles and turning the song into a duet turned out to be a fantastic idea; the mix of the two voices gives the song added emotional punch, even if I didn't realize that at first. "If Only You" could quite easily be my #1 song of the year, and I expect it to have real staying power, probably more than some of the songs ahead of it.

I've posted "If Only You" before, though, so instead, here's one of my favorite songs from Danny's album Heart.Beats, the bonus track, "Here I Am." It kind of taps into a similar feel to "If Only You," though if anything it's even less punchy. I said "If Only You" was gorgeously sad; that description applies even moreso to "Here I Am." I adore it.

Here I Am

Find it on: Heart.Beats (actually, for the version featuring Therese, you'll need the "If Only You" single)


Len said...

As great as this duet is, I prefer it in the Swedish version (Om Bara Du), which sounds even more gorgeously sad.

Resa said...

I haven't made my own list of songs of 2007 yet but if I do, this would definitely be toward the top of the list.

You really couldn't have described it better other than "gorgeously sad". What a song.

(Haha, my first foray into blogging is indeed retired, but I'm blogging about everything else, especially my upcoming semester in Spain at

Poster Girl said...

Len, there's a SWEDISH version?! Color me intrigued! And your comment has reminded me--I need to e-mail you about something...I'll do that ASAP.

Resa, I'm really thinking this should have been higher on the list, too--it's such a great song, and I really think it's going to have at least a semi-timeless appeal. Cheers for you having another blog!

Resa said...

I must've missed Len's comment earlier, but SWEDISH version? I'm intrigued too. Ooooh.

I was really hoping there'd be a video for this to make up for the ultra-cheese videos that came out for "Tokyo" and "Play It For The Girls".

Sigh. "If Only You" has cemented itself on the soundtrack of my life. Haha.

Len said...

Yeah, PPG, I figured that the Swedish version must be an extra track on the CD single (the megastore listing for the single is quite inscrutable as to what all is on the track listing). Anyway, plays only the Swedish version, and several times a day. Therese's voice is even more haunting, and the translation seems to be just about word-for-word ("Om bara du, kunde se hur jag faller...").

paul @ said...

bleeding nora! Danny and Therese inspired a plethora of comments and rightly so. I've been swirling the Danny cd (avec le gay cover) for months now and yet haven't given it the proper attention it deserves as it is tres bon indeed. However, I have a little project up my sleeve for underrated albums in 2008. Great choice of song. I am loving your countdown!

Resa said...

I just heard it on Svenska Favoriter. And it doesn't sound like Danny and Therese. I did some investigating and a group called Pop Kidz are behind it.

Resa said...

Here we go! (Myspace ripped/Pop Kidz version)

Jamie said...

I adore Therese although I prefered her solo song 'Feelin' Me' or her fabulous collaboration with The Attic.

Jo said...

Danny's album is the best 2007 album. And i'm a Britney fan !! But i definitly think Danny was THE best artist of 2007. Hope he'll release "Blue" as 4th single and i hope he'll release a sophomore album !

Poster Girl said...

Oh, mystery solved! I'm definitely going to check it out, then. Thanks guys!

Ooo, Paul, I'm interested! And I can relate--there are a few albums I KNOW are great and I'm going to like eventually but just haven't spent the proper time on yet.

Therese is AMAZING. I hope we hear more from her in 2008--she's released so many songs that should have been world-conquering hits.

Danny's album is so great! I'm not sure that we'll get a fourth single from the album, at least anytime soon, since he's working as part of boyband E.M.D. now and they've got a single out and an album coming up (which I'm still sad about, even though I like the artists involved and still hope we'll get some good song out of the album; Danny's solo career was just so successful that I'm not sure why he changed tracks for the moment). It's a shame if we don't, though, because there are so many potential singles left on it.

Jo said...

He's in a boys-band ??? Is the single already out ?
Thanks for this news !!

Poster Girl said...

It is! In Sweden only, though. It's a cover of an old song and it's called "All For Love." I don't think much of it :( but hopefully you'll like it!