Thursday, November 15, 2007

I just can't take my eyes off you 'cause you may hurt me too

Right, so there are things out there in music world right now that deserve to be written about, but just a quick post tonight for now. Today's singer is Ann Winsborn, who deserves a real thorough post about her and actual real thought about her songs--maybe I'll have to do a full review of one of her albums at some point, even if neither are super-recent. For now, though, she's Swedish, does pop with dance (house?) and disco influences, and is generally just fantastic. I'm really looking forward to whatever new material we might get from her at some point. If that does happen, though, I have no idea how I'll know, given my inability to find a really good news source about her.

Everything I Do--lovely (I'm using that word a lot, aren't I?) catchy dance-influenced pop + Ann's sweet young-sounding voice = great song. Ann's not really found success in Sweden, which is a real shame because she's never disappointed on the music front. Even if you're not in the mood for her dance-influenced music, she's got more bubblegummy stuff and disco-y stuff as well. Second album single "La La Love On My Mind" is another song to watch out for--truly catchy stuff. About the only bad thing about "Everything I Do" is that for ages every time I heard the name of Kate Ryan's song "All For You," I would instantly think of this song and wouldn't be able to think of the melody to Kate's song. Actually, that still happens most of the time...

If you like this, I definitely definitely recommend picking up the album it comes from, Everything I Am; it's very consistent and very good. Check out "Be The One," "Tonight," and "Broken Dreams" if you don't believe me. Both Ann's 2003 album Everything I Am and 2005 (I think those dates are right...maybe...ish) album Pink Collar Crime can be purchased from any country's iTunes store (Everything I Am and Pink Collar Crime). Physical CD-wise, I guess keeping an eye on eBay is your best bet.

Next up: maybe something new.


paul @ said...

you know her name is one i keep seeing popping up around the internet and it has taken the power of the PG to get me to check her out. And now that I have i will be extremely upset if she doesn't succeed. She's just so darling. Not as darling as Same Difference of course but who is?!

Len said...

"Never failed to disappoint"?

Poster Girl said...

She is darling! But you're right, they kind of epitomize darling. Glad you like her :)

Oops, ha ha, kind of the opposite of what I meant! Thanks, Len--fixed. I'd been awake for 36+ hours at that point and was struggling just to come up with words.

Robpop said...

Paul, I think the jury (record company) has decided on Ann Winsborn.



I love Pink Collar Crime. Its THE album that flows directly from Kylie's Fever.

My album/cd is in storage at the moment but i seem to remember she writes a lot of the pop. Sadly most of her stuff was never released in Sweden. Most of it comes out in Poland and Russia through the same label that should, heres hoping, release the cosmo4 album.

Me and Steve (another DSTP'er) used to play her stuff non-stop:

She was sort of covered by Anna Sahlene-

(on the remix of Creeps)

& She was recently covered by an australian singer.

So its great to see ya celebrate PPG! As you can see in the comments on PTA, i went a bit crazy. Lots of swear words were used.


Robpop said...

I think i am getting over the top again. Perhaps its the meds. Or it could be just friday.

Mike said...

I love Ann's album. It's bright, shiny fluff of the highest order! And Rebekah K's cover of "Everything I Do" is intensely fabulous!

Kevin said...

The SoundFactory mixes of "La La..." are great, and so are the club mixes of "Everything I Do".

Oh, you'd be glad to know that "Brother Oh Brother" is now at No. 9 on the Swedish singles chart, after the release of the digital maxi single. It charted for the past 4 weeks on the strength of the album track's sales.

Oh, since I know you were looking for it, here's the Japanese second edition of the Bad Boys Inc.'s self-titled debut album. It's very rare, and it includes "Change Your Mind", plus the single versions of "Love Here I Come" and "Take Me Away (I'll Follow You)", both remixed for their single release.

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, does she really write a lot of her stuff? I don't own physical versions of the CDs. Not that that's necessary, but good for her! That Cosmo4 album needs to come out! And no, not over the top at all :) She's great, completely deserves all the featuring! And more widespread success :(

"Bright shiny fluff" is a really good description of it! It's just easy to listen to pop, and that's why I love it. And Rebekah K is ace--at least, what I know of her from your site!

That's great! I still think it would've been a better follow-up than "Work Of Art" (which I do like)--it wouldn't have been a major departure in sound, but it sounds different enough (because of the whole sad thing mainly) to not just be written off as a "Cara Mia" rip-off like, say, "Dreaming" might have been. Re: the Bad Boys Inc. album, more groups need to pose like that on their album covers.