Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Han som drömmer sig bort och glömmer vad som hänt

I was going to post a Jessica Folcker song to tie in with the fact that I think she's releasing a new single, "Hot Night," and I think I may still do that soon, but I'm currently a bit too in love with the Swedish duet that I've kept saying I'm going to post and then not actually posted that it's really time that I shared it with you. Speaking of meaning to post, I've been meaning to post Patrik Isaksson's "Hos dig är jag underbar" for a while now; the song, from back in 2000, has a nice blow-out chorus. Patrik also entered the lovely ballad "Faller du så faller jag" in Melodifestivalen 2006, but that's about all of his music I'd ever really listened to until this latest single, a duet with another artist with a Melodifestivalen connection, Sarah Dawn Finer, who gave us this year's "I Remember Love" (really great in retrospect). Patrik's probably going to be in Melodifestivalen in 2008, so I imagine this song and his Melodifestivalen song, "Under mitt tunna skinn," are going to be on a new album. Sarah and Patrik are also touring together, though I'm not sure whether they're doing the single because of that or vice-versa.

Du som tog mitt hjärta--or "You who took my heart," maybe. I guess this probably counts as middle of the road (a phrase I will never look at the same way again or hear without laughing thanks to Paul), but it really is glorious. It starts quietly enough and what really isn't that minimal--a piano, Patrik's voice, a few strings, and some synth-like sounds fading in and out--but compared to the build-up that comes, it kind of is. You start to get that build up at the first chorus, where Sarah's voice and more instruments join in, and then, as some breathy ad-libby vocals fade out at the end of the chorus, I guess whatever the equivalent of "the beat dropping" is in non-dance music happens, with drums and I guess guitars (who knows? I need to go to music school), and Sarah takes the verse. Then the chorus again, this time even bigger, complete with big backing vocals, a great feeling of rising up, and a huge "feel good" feeling (well, musically, although I get the impression the lyrics are sad, which is a shame, because musically this couldn't be more uplifting). Basically, it's big and wonderful and lovely and the best sort of middle of the road stuff you can get, and I completely and utterly love it.

To buy Sarah Dawn Finer and Patrik Isaksson's single "Du som tog mitt hjärta," go here (digital).

Next up: maybe a song from the latest Jessica Folcker album.


paul @ said...

Finally! Though actually it wasn't what i thought it would be - i thought it was gonna be Paint Christmas White by Christian Ingebrigtsen and someone else, but actually he's Norweigan so that kinda makes it a moot point. This is nice too though :)

kevin (ru) said...

Sounds very much like Patrik's "1985" to me.

Poster Girl said...

Oh! Ha ha ha! Well, since you sent me the album, I didn't want to post anything from it (didn't want to take credit for your work).

Kevin, as I mentioned, I'd never listened to any more than two of his songs before this one, and "1985" wasn't one of them--I just took a listen to a 30 second clip and, granted, that's not a whole song, but they do sound similar...hmmm...