Friday, November 16, 2007

Come on and save me on a Saturday night

Just a quick note to begin with: unless I decide to come back in a couple of hours and post something or get back earlier than expected, there's a very good chance there won't be a post tomorrow. That said, I think this song is probably good enough to tide you over until Sunday, though it's still not my favorite of this group's singles. Swedish group N.E.X. is made up of some former members of Popstars groups Excellence and Supernatural ("N.E.X." comes from their earlier name, Natural Ex, which makes those former connections more obvious). They do dance-pop, with what I'm guessing is a little too much dance for them to get mainstream radio play. I could be wrong, but I think they've only released three singles over the past few years, the first two being "Stay By My Side" and "Straight To Bed" (which is reallllly good and I recommend checking out if you like this sort of music), but at least they can be relied on to come up with something good. Of course, their MySpace (where you can also listen to another song, "Don't Go") said back in 2006 that they had eleven songs ready for their album, so I'm not exactly sure what they're doing, although I think they're on an indie label and they probably want to build up the most interest and support they can before taking the chance on an album.

Two Of A Kind--their latest single, though it's not exactly super super recent--I missed it when it came out earlier, in October or so, maybe. Catchy dance-pop with a good chorus, and I love the way sound builds during the verses into that horn-esque (but not really) electronic noise in the chorus.

I actually don't know anywhere where everyone can buy N.E.X.'s single "Two Of A Kind"--if anyone does, please let me know! All iTunes stores do have their first two singles, though, I think, and some (the Nordic countries) have "Two Of A Kind."

Next up: probably not until Sunday, but maybe something Finnish, if I can find a good quality version of it or decide to post it anyway.


J'ason D'luv said...

You can download "Straight To Bed" for free from their MySpace page... they're all pretty good! They sort of remind me of Eiffel 65 a bit.

Jump! said...

What a great song! Whats in the Swedish water I wonder?

paul @ said...

i love that there are still pop groups out there just doing what they do and refusing to pander to radio's need for a rap break and an r'n'b hook!

Poster Girl said...

Yay, Blogger likes me again! OK, one by one:

J'ason, I'm glad you like them! And I think I know what you mean, though kind of shamefully I have a really limited knowledge of Eiffel 65. I should've mentioned the MySpace thing--I forgot, and didn't listen to see whether the download was the full song or just a clip like some artists do.

Yeah, I've thought that too! I wonder what it is!

Yeah--I just hope they're doing OK from dance charts and stuff, well enough to keep going!

Daniel-san said...

You can get "Two Of A Kind" at iTunes. Just search for NEX(without the dots)+ the title. It´s a great track and I read they have a new single coming out early next year! /Daniel