Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hallja meg a világ!

Hungarian singer Lola's latest single may be an ill-advised cover of Transvision Vamp's "Baby I Don't Care," but it'd be a shame if that's all you took away from her music, since she's released at least one truly great single. The nineteen year old singer does have a Eurovision connection--she participated in Hungary's national finals in 2005--but that's not really what she's associated with now, having released two albums and had several big hits. The following song is one of them and was her second single (excluding that national final song).

Hallja meg a világ--for her second album, Lola may have taken to imitating Ashlee Simpson in her videos and covering Transivision Vamp, but if anything, this song from her first album is a little early Hilary Duff-ish. "Hallja meg a világ" is a light bright upbeat pop song, young-sounding but that only adds to its charm. It reminds me just the tiniest bit of Alizée's "J'ai pas vingt ans," but definitely more innocent-sounding. Maybe that shouldn't be surprising, though, since apparently this song was written especially for her and I definitely get the feeling her photographers and stylists were trying to work the Alizée angle during this era, though you can't see that in this more recent photograph (and Lola could very well not be her original name; if it isn't, I'm sure the Lola/Lolita thing isn't a coincidence). Any attempts, successful or not, at fashioning a Hungarian Alizée have been tossed out now, though, in favor of "generic rock chick" styling (though to be fair, her styling in the endearing video for "Hallja meg a vilag" was Avril-influenced) and frequently songs.

Lola's official site has a place to order her debut album Álomtánc, but it's in Hungarian and I have no idea where they ship to.

On an unrelated note, I heard Blake's "Break Anotha" while I was out for a little bit last night and PRETTY MUCH FREAKED OUT, so I think it's safe to say I'm still loving it.

Next up: an American girl group.


Paul said...

woo hoo i love ill advised covers of transvision vamp! Did you hear Shine4s? Its lucky that In Your House was so beautiful or i would have turned against them forever based on that. Plus lets not even mention Jennifer Ellison. Still it would be fun for Girls Aloud to cover Psychosonic Cindy....

On a related note - i have never listened to so much foreign language music since i discovered your blog a coupla years back! I'm sure i'm fluent in new languages but just aren't aware what they are...

PS. Blake rocks. End of. mate :P

Poster Girl said...

I don't think I did! Though I think I remember Robpop mentioning it, because NKD covered them as well. And yeah, he does! Hopefully everyone else realizes that.